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Capitalize on Community was a great experience for me. Interested in Education, earning college credit and also providing service to the community, I was able to do all of this with CoC. This program was not only informative, but also fun! I had an amazing time learning, traveling, and eating pizza and wings! This was an experience that will always come to mind when I reminisce on my days at SUNY Albany!

- Latonja Lee

The class capitalizing on community was one of the many great experiences that I have had at Albany University. Unlike most classes that are just subjected to classic textbook reading and overhead slide. C.O.C allowed student to go outside the textbook and engage in hands on learning. We took trips down town where we could meet people and hopefully get them to affiliate themselves with us and our cause. The different guest speakers that we had this year where just amazing. They were all so friendly and entertaining to listening too. There presentations were informative and enlightening. They really inspired members of the class to spread the good word about C.O.C. A personal favorite of mine were the group projects. The group projects allowed me too meet new people and show some of my leadership qualities. These projects that were assigned to us, usually involved fund raising for the AIDS virus. C.O.C’s main goal was to help out the less fortunate who lives were devastated by this disease. Although many myths follow this disease, C.O.C educated its members as well as the community. One experience that comes to mind was the AIDS walk. I never have been associated with a group of people who work tirelessly with no pay for a common goal. Ironically that common goal was to save lives. You would have figured that groups like C.O.C would be a commodity however they are not. Due to the amount of controversy that follows the AIDS virus, many lives have been lost. One of Professor Horton’s goals which he has shared with the rest of the C.O.C family is to involve the church with the AIDS crisis. We hope to inform people that AIDS is a disease that is in need of efforts from everyone not just petty government relief funds. What I love about C.O.C is that we are willing to accept all those who are willing to participate. No matter how small your effort is, if it is to help benefit the AIDS relief you are able to do so. Capitalize on Community has taken a great toll in my life. It was a pleasure to work with such great leaders. I hope that in a couple of years it will expand into a multi million dollar empire. This way we won’t have to hustle for as much money as we do now. It will be a while before this happens but in the mean time I will be pleased to give my efforts for this cause. I am also pleased with all the free food that was provided to us. I hope to be able to join this class next semester it has been a blast. I hope that the out reach grows and continues to touch the lives of many.

- FALL 05 CoC Member

Due to capitalize on community I have learned a lot about the community I live in and the AIDS epidemic. I never knew how many people in Albany were affected by HIV and AIDS. I can honestly say I feel proud to be a part of something where everyone needs to be involved. Capitalize on Community has really been an amazing class and organization to be a part of. Next semester I will be returning to continue my efforts in fighting the AIDS epidemic and the crisis the city of Albany is facing.

- Jaime Friedman

I felt Capitalize on Community to be a course unlike any other course I've ever taken. You truly are given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, and in that respect it is more beneficial than any other course offered. The urgency is clearly needed in a time as the infection rates are increasing, and I am proud to be a part of something that is working hard towards winning this fight."

- Rebecca

Taking Capitalize on Community was an absolutely amazing experience.
It was one of the few classes in my undergraduate career in which I felt that I actually learned something. This class not only made me aware of the vast paths a degree in sociology can take me, but I also gained much experiential knowledge in the process. This was a class that enabled me to give back to the immediate community as well as fight for a greater cause. It is definitely a class that I would recommend everyone to take.

- FALL 05 CoC Member

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