GELLMU Releases

William F. Hammond

July 6, 2007

© 2001-2007 William F. Hammond

These items are copyrighted free software released under the GNU General Public License.

Version README.

The current tarball represents version, dated 6 July 2007, an important update of prior editions of version 0.8 (except version 0.8.4) with a number of improvements, including more robust handling of tabular environment emulation, prime accents in math, and error diagnosis. The Manual and the Introductory User Guide have been substantially revised (but not yet subjected to enough proof reading).

Version 0.8.3 was dated 23 October 2006 introduced two versions of the XML document type (the author-level document type and the elaborated document type) where previously there had been one and changes to accommodate revised handling of certain MathML mtables by Gecko browsers. Version, dated 25 May 2006, was a minor maintenance update of version 0.8.2 of 28 Feb 2006, which was a maintenance release with a number of improvements over version, dated 13 Oct 2004. Version was a bug fix update of version 0.8.0, dated 2 Sep 2004. The initial version 0.8 tarball, dated 2 Sep 2004, was the first with code that provided an XHTML+MathML output stream. The first release was in July 2001, Version 0.7.4.

At this time in the XHTML+MathML output only the “presentation” form of MathML is provided, but provision at user option for the semantically richer content is planned.

Within a few days of its web release here the latest release may also be found at CTAN in “support/gellmu”. The primary CTAN locations are:

The tarballs (suffix .tgz) are gzipped tar archives that may be served through http without decompression under either of the content-types “application/x-gzip” or “application/octet-stream”. (Controlled unpacking by the user is intended. Unpacking software reqired: gunzip and tar, both available freely from GNU. Additionally, other, more user-friendly, unpacking software for “Win32” systems is said to be available without cost.)

Directions: the GELLMU Manual is included in release tarballs but not necessarily in intermediate tarballs. The manual is available online in various forms:

PDF for 8.5 x 11 printing.
Classic HTML.
DVI for 8.5 x 11 printing.
GELLMU source markup.

Information about experience gained introducing some or all of the tarball materials to platforms other than “Linux” and “Win32” will be gladly received. Please send e-mail to