Publications of Boris Goldfarb

The links point to either local preprint files or arxiv postings as available.

  • (with G. Carlsson) Equivariant stable homotopy methods in the algebraic K-theory of infinite groups, 30 pp. (2014)
  • (with G. Carlsson) K-theory with fibred control, 62 pp. (2014)
  • (with G. Carlsson) Algebraic K-theory of geometric groups, 142 pp. (2013)
  • Weak coherence and the K-theory of groups with finite decomposition complexity, 11 pp. (2013)
    to appear in Int. Math. Res. Notices, Oxford U. Press
    arXiv:1307.5345 or the updated March 15, 2014 version
  • (with T.K. Lance) Controlled algebraic G-theory, II,
    in Algebraic Topology: Applications and New Directions, U. Tillmann, S. Galatius, and D. Sinha, eds., Contemp. Math. 620, AMS, Providence, RI (2014), 111-132
  • (with G. Carlsson) Controlled algebraic G-theory, I
    J. of Homotopy and Related Structures 6 (2011), 119-159
  • (with G. Carlsson) The integral K-theoretic Novikov conjecture for groups with finite asymptotic dimension
    Inventiones Math. 157 (2004), 405-418
    link to PDF
  • On integral assembly maps for lattices in SL(3), 25 pp. (2004)
    Unpublished Proceedings of the 20th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology
    link to PDF
  • The large scale topology and algebraic K-theory of arithmetic groups
    Topology Appl. 140 (2004), 267-294
    link to PDF
  • (with G. Carlsson) On homological coherence of discrete groups
    Journal of Algebra 276 (2004), 502-514
    link to PDF
  • Novikov conjectures and relative hyperbolicity
    Math. Scand. 85 (1999), 169-183
    link to PDF
  • Novikov conjectures for arithmetic groups with large actions at infinity
    K-theory 11 (1997), 319-372
    link to PDF
  • Splitting assembly maps for arithmetic groups with large actions at infinity
    Ph.D. thesis, Cornell (1996)
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"The time from now until the completion of the project tends to become constant."
D.R. Hartree