AMAT 840: Topics in Topology — Spring 2014

 Classroom  ES 153
 Class hours  MWF 10:25—11:20am
 Professor  Boris Goldfarb
 Office  Earth Science 120B
 Office hours  MWF 11:30am—12:30pm
 Telephone  518-442-4712
 Email address  bgoldfarb at
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Topics: Construction of useful classifying spaces for mapping class groups and outer automorphisms of free groups. We will start by reading first chapters from A Primer on Mapping Class Groups by Farb and Margalit. The preproduction version of the book can be seen here but who knows for how long. There are no books on Outer Spaces yet, so I will use surveys and original papers.

These are the papers I am using for learning the Outer space: Karen Vogtmann's survey and her original joint paper with Marc Culler.

The following information is added to satisfy the Minimum Contents of a Class Syllabus requirements. The prerequisites for this course are first year courses in algebra and topology. The course is A-E graded. There is no official textbook. Attendance is critical to success in the class.