AMAT 840: Topics in Topology— Fall 2015



ES 153

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MWF 1:40pm—2:35pm


Boris Goldfarb


ES 120B

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MW 11:30am—12:30am, F 12:30pm—1:30pm


(518) 442-4712

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Topics: This will be an introducion to the geometric topology of manifolds.  I will start with an introduction to PL topology mainly using the book of Rourke/Sanderson, Introduction to piecewise-linear topology, and occasionally the book of Hudson and notes of Zeeman. The goal will be to get to the h-cobordism theorem, Whitehead torsion, and the s-cobordism theorem.  Two possible topics after that are Siebenmann's thesis or a sketch of surgery theory or discrete Morse theory.


The following information is added to satisfy the Minimum Contents of a Class Syllabus requirements. The prerequisites for this course are first year courses in algebra and topology. The course is A-E graded. Attendance is critical to success in the class.