This homework will cover the beginning of chapter 5.
There is no customary quiz on this material on Friday.
Instead we will have the first of two tests which will 
take up the whole class period.  However one of the 
problems on the test will be on the material we study 
this week.

I will post a brief description of what to expect on the test here
before Wednesday class.  You can ask me on Wednesday if there 
anything unclear about the test.

Do problems ## 2,3,6,7 on pages 73-74.

Read examples in section 5.B.

Do NEW problems ## 11,15,16,17 on page 77.

This is all for this week.

Here are a couple of solutions I promissed to post:
26 from page 60 and 40 from page 63.
I will also post the solution of 27 from page 60.  It is actually easy if you
follow the hint in the back of the book.  However that hint does not use prime
factorizations.  I don't know why the problem was placed in this section.  It is
best solved by those old methods using Bezout's identity, as Childs suggests.

The test on Friday will be 5 questions long:

1) Euclid's algorithm question
2) Solving integral equations using Bezout's identity
3) General divisibility question but no proofs
4) Induction proof
5) Congruence question similar to this week