This is the last homework assignment.  I will also post the assignments for projects here,
during the last full week of classes.

Do problems ## 78,79,80,83 on page 195.

Do problem # 12 on page 212. (I did #10 in class.)

Here are the notes for my RSA example in class.

For Project #1: do problems ## 3,4 from page 205.  Write them up neatly, staple together, put your
name on the first page.  
You can turn in the projects any day but the due date is Monday December 9, in class.
Each of he two projects is worth 5 points, just as the quizzes.

For the problems in this project: notice that 29 is a prime, so if you use two-digit numbers to send
cipher text, you are fine as long as those numbers are smaller than 29 because they are then relatively
prime to 29.  So in both of these problems it's OK to use 2-digit words to send each letter separately.

I will most likely assign the next project on Wednesday.

Not so fast.  I will assign the next project on Friday.  I will first finish telling you about the 
error correction codes of Hemming.  The material from today is contained in greater detail in sections
8.A to 8.C. The last quiz #13 will be on Monday, not this Friday.

Project #2: do problem #9 on page 162.  (So there is no confusion, if you believe there were two errors
you don't need to correct the errors because you can't with certainty.  Just say there were two errors.)