There will be at least one problem from this material included in the test
next Friday, so make sure you are doing the homework.  I will talk about 
the test on Wednesday to give you an idea what to review for Friday.

My 'observation" in class was actually #26 on page 178.

Do ## 27,28,29,30,31,32 on page 178.

Do ## 42,43,45 on page 181.

Do ## 46,48 on page 181,
also try to do ## 51,52,53,54 on pages 181-182,
at the very least read them and understand what the statements mean.

This is the complete homework for this week.  I will describe the structure of 
the Friday test on Wednesday.

1) Here is a solution of the problem I promised to post today.

2) To clarify the answers I was giving regarding the Euler's Theorem on the test: since 
we have just learned this theorem, all I want you to know for the test is the statement 
of Euler's Theorem and how to use the homework problems #51 through #54 to compute the 
value of the Euler function when you can factor your modulus m into primes.