ITM 604: Communications Networking & Security


Class Notes

Networking PowerPoint: Download 1-network.ppt

Security Introduction PowerPoint: Download 3-introduction.ppt

Threats 1 PowerPoint: Download 4-threats1.ppt

Firewalls and IDS: Download 7-ids.ppt

Threats 2 PowerPoint: Download 5-threats2.ppt

Steganography PowerPoint: Download 8-steganography.ppt

Password Security PowerPoint: Download password.ppt

Wireless Security PowerPoint: Download 6-wireless.ppt

Cryptography PowerPoint: Download 7-cryptography.ppt

Risk Analysis PowerPoints: Download assessment.ppt | Download qualitative.ppt | Download quantitative.ppt


The material for the first third of the class (including a customized syllabus for Professor Duchessi's part) will be available via WebCT. Materials for the next part of the class will be available on this website:


Students participating in the ITM 604 class are permitted to use the following facilities within the business school, which are specifically configured and should have the necessary tools for the class:

A four-digit code followed by a * is used to enter these two rooms and the computers have a set username and password. If you do not have the code and/or passwords, please email the ITM secretary, Carolyn VanVranken at with a CC to the instructor.