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ITM 602: Enterprise Application Development


Class Notes


Introduction to E-Commerce
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Feasibility Analysis
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Database Connectivity PowerPoint
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Servlets PowerPoint
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Server-Side Development PowerPoint
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Students participating in the ITM 602 class are permitted to use the following facilities within the business school, which are specifically configured and should have the necessary tools for the class:
  • MIS Lab (to the right of BA 233)
  • HRIS Lab (to the left of BA 234)

A four-digit code followed by a * is used to enter these two rooms and the computers have a set username and password. If you do not have the code and/or passwords, please email the ITM secretary, Carolyn VanVranken at with a CC to the instructor.


  • has 60 free sample business plans available. However, they are not really focused on e-commerce business plans. Also available are business plan tools such as cash flow, starting cost, and break even calculators.
  • New York State Small Business Development Center: Check-List for Going Into Business
    Offered by the NYS Small Business Development Center is a 22-page .pdf file which includes a quiz for entrepreneurial tendencies, as well as guiding questions for a feasibility analysis, market analysis, legal structure, and finances.
  • Planware Business Plan Guide
    Planware's Business Plan Guide is a comprehensive business plan template which has detailed information for the contents of each section. Use the links to the top left to navigate to various sections of the document.
  • SBCS Business Plan Guide
    The SBCS Business Plan Guide is a comprehensive 12-page .pdf file which goes through components of a business plan and describes the elements necessary in detail for each component.
  • United States Small Business Administration: Business Plan Essential Elements
    By the United States Small Business Administration, this details the essential elements of a business plan.


  • Introduction to Structured Query Language
    This introduction provides a basis for various types of queries that can be made with SQL. This is not specific to Microsoft Access, but is very good in terms of listing rules for both DDL and DML queries.
  • Database Normalization
    This site provides you with insight on database normalization and goes through the process with an example.


HTML Editors

  • HTML-Kit
    Created by W3C, HTML-Kit allows for color-coded coding of HTML/XHTML and use of HTML-Tidy for cleaning up code. It also allows preview of the website. Not WYSIWYG.

Basic HTML Resources

Website Usability

  • MIT Usability Checklist
    MIT is the place where Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web Consortium) is currently a faculty member. This contains a checklist for general usability guidelines.
  • Web Design and Usability Guidelines
    This government site contains a comprehensive 17-chapter online book (available in .pdf or html) which goes through various aspects of usability and how to improve website acceptance and use.
  • provides links to various usability resources online.


API Specifications

According to, an API is an abbreviation of application program interface and contains a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks that a programmer needs.

JAVA Style

  • JAVA Coding Style Guide
    This is a 26-page document detailing basic style for coding. This is a very comprehensive document and contains naming conventions, use of white space, etc.
  • JAVA Code Conventions
    This is an online document which details code conventions within JAVA.


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