MSI 602: Enterprise Application Development



Class Project

In the group project you will develop an enterprise application for an e-commerce web site, an online shopping store for a product. The project will involve both design of the project and its implementation. The project will involve considerable amount of programming using the Java language. It will be best to synchronize your work to match the material that is being taught in the class. The project will have two presentations. At the mid semester point you will present an updated design, design, report, and implementation to the class. At the end of the semester each group must present the project before the class. The project represents half of the grade of the class.

Teams: For the group project you should divide into groups of three or four each. Note that each team may have no more than two students who have completed ACC681 or its equivalent. Professor Rich will assist you in making the teams so that the skill set in the group is complementary.

Architecture: The project will be implemented as a three-tier system. The bottom tier is the database tier that will contain the data for the web site. The middle tier is the server tier that will contain the application logic. The connection between the server and the database will be developed using JDBC. The top tier is the web tier that will communicate with the server tier using an http connection.

Database: The database layer is the persistent storage for the application. The data should contain the information of the customer, sales, product and other information that should be stored permanently. For more adventurous students they can also develop a vendor database that contains information to order products. The database should be implemented using Oracle. For students who are not familiar with Oracle please see me as soon as possible. Students from MSI601 should still have active ORACLE accounts and students who do not have access to an Oracle database please see Prof. Rich.

Server: The server layer will contain the logic to control the entire process for the user purchase. The process should include registration of the users, browsing of the catalogs, making the selections, filling the shopping cart and checking out from the web site. The web server being used in the class is Tomcat (part of the Jakarta-Apache open source project).

Browser: The browser layer represents the client machine from where he/she logs on to the web site. The actual web pages reside on the web server. The design of web pages will determine the ease with which the users navigate through the web site. It would be easiest to use html to design the web pages; however, students are free to choose the tool of their choice for designing of the web site.

Software Design: The design of the project will be done in the first part of the class and Professor Eliot Rich will provide guidelines for software design.

Project Report: The project report will contain the description of the architecture, the design, the application selected as well as the implementation details. It should also contain issues that were encountered during the design and implementation of the project.

Presentation & Demo: The presentation & demo will last for 20 minutes for each team. The team should show the working of their system and describe how it can be further enhanced.