MSI 416: Information Decision Systems II



Assignment given in any week is due at the beginning of the class on the same day in the following week. There will be a penalty of 10% per day for late assignments unless there is a very pressing reason for the delay. Please work individually on all assignments. Stop by my office (BA 310b) if you have difficulty in understanding the assignment or the course material discussed in the class.

Term Paper (on Computer Security)

Students should make two person teams. Each team must complete a term paper on some aspect of computer security. The paper should deal with issues such as payment systems, privacy on the internet, security technology, legal issues in security and computer crimes. The paper should include a broad introduction of the topic and a comprehensive discussion of a few selected aspects of the topic. The paper will be presented during the last two classes i.e. May 6 & May 8. All students must be present for all the presentations. The students will be graded on the term paper as well as the quality of the presentations.