MSI 572: Introduction to Java



Assignment given in any week is due at the beginning of the Monday class in the next week. There will be a penalty of 10% per day for late assignments unless there is a very pressing reason for the delay. In case of a holiday on the due date, the assignment is due in the following class which is not a holiday. Please work individually on all assignments. Stop by my office if you have difficulty in understanding the assignment or the course material related to the assignment.


Each student has to complete a Java project as a part of the class. A list of projects will be provided for students to pick from based on their interest. It is acceptable to work on a project not defined in the list. Multiple people may work on the project together. Multi-student projects should however reflect an effort which is proportionately greater as compared to individual projects. The project is due on the last class i.e. October 10. Please send me an email to let me know the various team members and the project selected for each team before September 3.