The international oil companies who are investing in this pipeline are

We urge you to write to these companies in protest. We suggest including a pinch of sand in your letter. Below is a sample letter:
Dear Mr. ______

	In Burma, your company is directly benefitting from the military junta's
use of slave labor, forced relocations, and other blatant human rights abuses. 
Tens of thousands of local civilians are being exploited and forced to work without
pay, under armed guard, to clear the route for the pipeline you are a partner to.  
It is a disgrace and a shame for XXXX Oil to profit from such injustices.
	You will have noticed the pinch of sand I've put in this envelope.  I want 
you to remember the Burmese forced to toil clearing forests, leveling the land, and
breaking rocks under extremes of weather, without adequate food, water, or medical
care.  Their hands are dirtied for XXXX Oil's profits!  This injustice must stop!
	I urge you to withdraw all XXXX Oil operations from Burma right away.  Wait 
to do business until after democracy is restored.  Your withdrawal will hasten 
that day.
	Your immediate response to this pressing issue will be appreciated.

	Yours sincerely,

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