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Well, life can't be all hard work. So ... what the heck! .... let's go climbing!

The black and white picture below was taken by my climbing partner Bob Downing in late 2001 on the first belay ledge of the climb "Dennis" in the Gunks.

CLIMBING VIDEOS I have posted two very short videos taken in Summer 2008...sea cliff climbing in Cornwall. You can see them by going to You Tube and entering "Ed Thomas Terrier's Tooth". ( You get a bunch of stuff including doggie oral hygiene tips but the two videos of the climb are in there... just look around.)

PARTNERSHIPS In 2011 my longtime climbing partner, Chris Dangerfield and his family relocated to Arizona. We had great chemistry and I will certainly miss his companionship. Hope he finds some good climbing out there.

My new partner, Juan Torres is Director of Football Operations at UAlbany and can't climb during football season, late summer through the Fall semester, but he sure makes up for it the rest of the year. I hope he will have the patience to stick with me for a few years.

Here is the start of a new season 2012

Here's a link to some videos posted by my new climbing partner, Juan:

There is a Math Climbing Club here at UAlbany, which includes faculty, graduate students and...uh,
well, includes anybody that climbs with us. You can see some of the original members
by clicking here.
Math Climbing Club

For more of the Math Climbing Club, including recent members Jenn, Josh,Ryan and Pete, try HERE