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Thomas received his Ph. D. in Mathematics from the University of California at Riverside, taught for five years at the University of Michigan, and has been at Albany since 1969... a long time. Here is a bite size CV.

His mathematical interests include dynamical systems, the dynamics of smooth flows, and, in recent years, discrete dynamics with applications to difference equations.

                        Advances( and Retreats) in Space Science:    A long time ago, as a Visiting NASA Scientist at Johnson Space Center, Houston, Thomas was involved in exercise countermeasure studies aimed at reducing muscle-mass loss in prolonged microgravity environments.  That project was handed over to the Russians, while, regrettably, Thomas himself continues to lose muscle and gain mass at an alarming rate.


His Ph. D. students include Deborah Lawrence, who is Professor of Mathematics at Russell Sage College, and  Steve Bourgault, who is a Research Mathematician with MapInfo.

   ( May , 2015)This just in….Deb Lawrence, mentioned above, has just been appointed Dean of Russell Sage College, effective June, 2015. After receiving her MA and PhD from UAlbany, Deb returned to Sage( her undergraduate alma mater)  in 1994 and has had an extremely active career, providing leadership as Math Department Chair and serving on or chairing many important committees. With a colleague, Tina Mancuso, she has secured nearly $1 million in grant funding to promote female participation in STEM fields via programs for middle and high school girls, as well as scholarship funding at Sage. Congratulations DEB!

For a picture of Deb in “power mode” click on: http://math.albany.edu:8000/math/pers/thomas/Deborah_Lawrence.jpg


                           Here are links to a couple of pictures from the May, 2013 graduation. First is Curtis Holloman, who had a course with me in the late 80’s and then, after a lengthy sabbatical, returned to finish his degree. We were lucky to have two more courses together. Next is Laura Gulfo who took every course she could from me. She will be attending Albany Law in the fall. www.albany.edu/~et392/curtis.jpg  and www.albany.edu/~et392/laura.jpg

                                                                          FORMER STUDENTS DEPARTMENT

          At my wife’s suggestion, I’m going to start passing along news from some of my old students just to give an idea of what some Math Nerds do after graduating.

Late October, 2015….Kathy Kapsalis ( ’83) and Marla Guthrie ( ’84) dropped by during Homecoming Weekend. Sad to say, I wasn’t in my office, but they kindly left a note to say hi. Both are doing well and seemed not to have suffered too much from the Math classes they took. Marla is a big shot at the UMass Center for Data Science.  Kathy has been working in IT for the past 30 years, and is currently with MERCK Pharmaceuticals.

About a week later, Paul Uppal (‘ 71) dropped in for a sentimental return to the halls of the Earth Science building. After finishing his Math major and Physics minor, he went on to earn a PhD at RPI and began a long and successful career with the NYS Department of Health as a Health Economist, finally retiring a couple of years ago.He has great, warm memories of his time here and it was a pleasure to see  him and to enjoy a follow up via email.

     In early February, 2013, Josh Merlis dropped by. After graduation, Josh taught High School for several years and then started up a company that produces and times running events. There is quite a bit of mathematics and computer programming involved in the timing aspect of a big race. Josh is also the founder of the Albany Running Exchange, a large local running club.

      As of October, 2012, Kaz Kurihara writes that he has entered graduate school at Stony Brook for his Masters in Teaching and has started observations at a local High School. He’s enthusiastic about it.

       On Friday, October 12th, I hit pay dirt and had visits with several former students. First, Matt and Amy Wright dropped by…she teaches Math at Green Tech High School and he is a PhD candidate in Physics here at UAlbany. Man Kit Tse also stopped in to say hello…he is finishing up a PhD in Physics this year to add to his collection of advanced degrees.  And Jessica Kim ( pictured above) was able to get loose from her duties as a first year Physics grad student long enough for us to sit down for a chat. Very nice day.

       Maseeh Mukhtar dropped by on October 18th for a visit. Maseeh graduated in Physics/Math about four years ago.  He just spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa and listening to his experiences was not only interesting, but inspiring. He’s now applying to various graduate schools. I hope to be like him when I grow up.

  August 2013….Allsion Brown writes that she is pursuing her MS in Quantitative Methods and Modeling at CUNY Baruch starting this fall. She is also holding down a full time job as an Analytics and Optimization Associate for an ad agency in NYC.

     During the first week of classes in late August, Jessica Kim dropped by. She is a second year grad student in Physics and is beginning her research in Material Science with a view to a career in industry. It’s always great to see Jessica…she is so full of energy and good vibes!

  Cody Schlafer writes that he has accepted a Graduate Merit Award to study Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State. We are proud of you, Cody!

   January 2015 Joe Piacente ( class of  Fall, 2007) dropped me a line. Joe got a Masters in Accounting, works in White Plains, and is engaged. His sister, Stefanie ( class of 2010) was also one of my students. He can’t believe how much the campus has changed since he was here!

 In July, 2015, Maxine Guzman was in the Department to defend her PhD thesis, written under the direction of Anupam Srivastav. Maxine completed her coursework here a few years ago and is currently on the faculty at Salem College in North Carolina. Picture coming soon, I hope….yup, here we go:

   www.albany.edu/~et392/IMG_5198.JPG                           *******************************************************************


One of Thomas's principal stress-reducing ( or should that be stress-inducing ?) activities is technical rock-climbing. Below is a shot of the overhanging "Triple Bulges" ( a name that refers to characteristic features of the climb, although it certainly could apply to Thomas himself ) For some reason, the horizon is very often tilted the wrong way in this shot. I think it's because the photographer/belayer is usually working quickly...multi-tasking, you know?... and tends to get the tree vertical, when in fact, it leans out from the cliff. And next to that is a picture of a seacliff climb called "Terrier's Tooth" in Cornwall, England. I had wanted to do that climb for 25 years and finally was able get there several summers ago.


Fingers Crossed Department Two knee replacements and a quadruple heart bypass operation in 2013 and 2014 slowed things down for a while, but we hope to be back up to speed ….stay tuned. Update for those who are interested….in 2015 climbing resumed and is still going strong in 2016. Joined by my long-time partner, Harry, and my daughter, Libby, we began getting re-acquainted with some old favorite climbs and discovered some new moderates …we are leading at a very low level and top-roping what we can’t lead.   CAN’T COMPLAIN.



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