Minerva Eliot Rich, Ph.D.

Publication Notes

textMy recent work focuses on behavioral aspects of computer security. Through the tools of System Dynamics my colleagues and I are looking at how feedback and knowledge transfer create unusual and interesting problems in the implementation of security regimes.


Peer-Reviewed Journals

Martinez-Moyano, I., Rich, E., Conrad, S., “Exploring the Detection Process: Integrating Judgment and Outcome Decomposition”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3975, Pages 701 - 703, Jan 2006

Martinez-Moyano, I., Rich, E., Conrad, S., Andersen, D., Stewart, T., “A Behavioral Theory of Insider-Threat Risks:  A System Dynamics Approach”, ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, in press.

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Rich, E. and Duchessi, P., "Keeping the Flame Alive: Sustaining a Successful Knowledge Management Program," in Case Studies in Knowledge Management, M. Jennix, Ed. Hershey, PA, USA: Idea Group, 2005.

Peer-Reviewed Conferences

Rich, E., Sveen, F. O., et al., (2007) Emergent Vulnerability in Integrated Operations: A Proactive Simulation Study of Risk and Organizational Learning, HICSS-40, Big Island, Hawaii.

Martinez-Moyano, I. J., Rich, E., Conrad, S. H. , Andersen, D. F. , "Modeling the Emergence of Insider Threat Vulnerabilities", Informs Winter Simulation Conference, Monterey, CA, December 2006.

Rich, E., Sveen, F. O., & Jager, M. Overcoming Organizational Challenges to Secure Knowledge Management. Paper presented at the Second Secure Knowledge Management Workshop, Brooklyn, NY, September 2006.

Rich, E., “Modeling Risk Dynamics in E-Operations Transitions”, ISCRAM-06, Newark, NJ, 2006  

Martinez-Moyano, Rich, E., Conrad, S. Exploring the Detection Process: “Integrating Judgment and Outcome Decomposition”, Poster Session, Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference, 2006

Rich, E. and Gonzalez, J. J., "Maintaining Security and Safety in High-threat E-operations Transitions", In 39th Hawaii International Conference on System Science (Ed, Sprague Jr., R. H.), IEEE Press, Kauai, Hawaii, 2006.

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Rich, E. , "Limits to groupware-facilitated organizational learning in a consulting firm," Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, July 20-23, Quebec City, Canada., 1998

Invited Journal Papers

Gonzalez, J. J., Qian, Y., Sveen, F. O. and Rich, E. "Helping Prevent Information Security Risks in the Transition to Integrated Operations", Telektronikk, 101, pp. 29-37, 2005

Invited Conference Presentations

Rich, E., Conrad, S. and Martinez-Moyano, I. "Insider Threats: Raising the profile and managing the risks", DHS Research and Development Partnerships in Homeland Security Conference, Boston MA, April 2005.

Rich, E. "An emerging perspective on the dynamics of insider cyber-threats", 4th Annual Mathematics and Security of Information Technologies Conference (МаБИТ-04), Moscow State University (МГУ), Moscow, October, 2004 ,

Project Reports and Other Publications

Rich, E., Andersen, D. F. and Richardson, G. P., OLF-IRMA-AMBASEC Group Modeling Report I, University at Albany, Albany, NY., May 2006.

Rich, E., Andersen, D. F. and Richardson, G. P., OLF-IRMA-AMBASEC Group Modeling Report II, University at Albany, Albany, NY. September 2006.

Martinez-Moyano, I. J. , Rich, E., Conrad, S., Andersen,, D. F., and Stewart, T. R., "A Behavioral Theory of Insider-Threat Risks: A System Dynamics Approach ": Center for Policy Research, University at Albany, 2005.


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