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The Soviet Union, Special Studies, 1970-1980

Call Number

DK 274 S652X

Soviet Union: Special Studies, 1970-1980.  University Publications of America (Firm).  Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, c1981.

MIC FLM DK 274 S652X  9 reels. 35mm.


            As part of the Special Studies Series, the set incudes information collected by federally commissioned in-depth research on the Soviet Union's political matrix done by an elite group of private and public think tanks. It touches on many aspects of this nation's domestic and foreign policies regarding economic, military, and social issues from 1970 - 1980.


      Reel I

      Frame 0001: Future Soviet Interests in Arms Control.  Basic Report (VolumeII).

      Frame 0203: Soviet Foreign Policy and Conflict within  Political and Military Leadership.

      Frame 0233: The Technique of Soviet Diplomatic  Negotiation.

      Frame 0391: Soviet Military Doctrine: Its Formulation  and Dissemination. 

      Frame 0528: Soviet Military Doctrine: Its Continuity, 1960-1970.

      Frame 0632: Soviet Interests in SALT: Political,  Economic, Bureaucratic and Strategic  Contributions and Impediments to Arms Control.

      Frame 0674: The Politics of Power: Soviet Decision  Making for Defense.

      Frame 0814: The Soviet Union in a Period of Strategic  Parity.

      Frame 0889: Soviet Perception of the Sino-Soviet  Conflict and the Emerging Multipolar World.

      Frame 0943: National Security Policy Issues in  U.S.-Soviet Technology Transfer.

      Reel II

      Frame 0001: Integration and Self-Assertion: The  Relationship between East Germany and the Soviet Union (and Eastern Europe).  

      Frame 0149: A Psychological Aspect of Communist Ideology and Its Relationship to Political Control in the Soviet Armed Forces.

      Frame 0201: Soviet Perceptions of the United States.

      Frame 0382: KamAZ: U.S. Technology Transfer to the  Soviet Union.

      Frame 0440: Four Policy Perspectives: The Soviet Union  and Western Europe.

      Frame 0547: Information and Perception in Limited  Strategic Conflict: Some U.S. and Soviet Differences.

      Frame 0602: The Organization of Soviet Industrial  Enterprises.

      Frame 0649: Who after Grechko? Soviet Military Succession Possibility.

      Frame 0680: Soviet Opportunities in the Third World:  Background Studies -- Supplement.

      Frame 0929: Soviet New Towns: Housing and National  Urban Growth Policy.

      Reel III

      Frame 0001: Soviet Relations with Indochina in the  1970s.

      Frame 0055: Soviet Air Power, 1917-1976.

      Frame 0299: Through the Looking Glass: The Indo-Soviet Treaty.

      Frame 0328: From Confrontation to Coexistence: The  Evolution of Soviet Foreign Policy.

      Frame 0460: Defense Nationale Perceptions of the  U.S.-Soviet Military Balances.

      Frame 0604: Selective Nuclear Options in American and  Soviet Strategic Policy.

      Frame 0670: Soviet Policy Dilemmas in Asia.

      Frame 0689: U.S.S.R. Grain Statistics: National and  Regional, 1955-1975.

      Frame 0737: American Diplomacy before the Courts:  Judicial Review of Soviet-American Relations, 1917-1942.

      Frame 0882: Anti-Zionism as a Theme in Soviet Propaganda, 1967-1977.

      Reel IV

      Frame 0001: Victor G. Kulikov, Marshal of the Soviet Union: A Dimming Red Star.

      Frame 0082: Review of the U.S./U.S.S.R. Agreement on  Cooperation in the Fields of Science and Technology.

      Frame 0202: The POW Problem in Russia: Justification  for Allied Intervention, 1918-1920.

      Frame 0403: Soviet Interest in Scandinavia: An Analysis  of Soviet Foreign Policy toward the Nordic States.

      Frame 0631: Vietnam and the Soviet Asian Strategy.

      Frame 0685: Soviet Military Intentions in the German  Democratic Republic.

      Frame 0831: Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces: An Analysis.

      Frame 0855: A Viability Analysis of the Stavka via  Function.

      Reel V

      Frame 0001: Soviet Defense Manpower.

      Frame 0184: Surprise and the New Soviet Threat in  Europe.

      Frame 0225: Soviet Relations with Japan: Poor Treatment  of a Valuable Trade Partner.

      Frame 0297: The Projection of Soviet Power.

      Frame 0317: Emergent Nationality Problems in the  U.S.S.R.

      Frame 0358: Soviet Reactions to U.S./NATO Force Modernization.

      Frame 0396: The Military Dimension in the Making of  Soviet Foreign and Defense Policy.

      Frame 0442: The Problem of Soviet Vulnerabilities.

      Frame 0629: Shelters in Soviet War Strategy.

      Frame 0717: Crisis Decision Setting and Response: The  Hungarian Revolution.

      Frame 0756: Soviet Middle East-Mediterranean Frontier:  Expansion and Security.

      Frame 0786: Mineral Industries of Eastern Europe and  the U.S.S.R.

      Frame 0827: Soviet Strategy and NATO's Northern Flank.

      Frame 0858: Soviet Strategic Doctrine: Toward an  Effective Military Posture.

      Reel VI:

      Frame 0001: Conventional Military Force and Soviet  Foreign Policy.

      Frame 0161: Soviet Naval Strategy for the Eighties.

      Frame 0192: Soviet Military Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities: A Critique of the Short-War Advocates.

      Frame 0223: Soviet Attitudes toward Carter's 1977  Strategic Weapons Decisions.

      Frame 0248: Soviet Civil Defense.

      Frame 0376: SALT, the Soviet Approach To Strategic  Superiority.

      Frame 0433: Soviet Perceptions of NATO.

      Frame 0462: Reanalyzing the Place of National Defense  in the Soviet Economy.

      Frame 0553: Soviet Options for War in Europe: Nuclear  or Conventional.

      Frame 0586: U.S.S.R.: Long-Term Outlook for Grain  Imports.

      Frame 0612: The Soviet-Indian Alignment: Quest for  Influence.

      Frame 0710: The Soviet Perception of the American Will.

      Frame 0746: The Future of Soviet-Cuban Relations.

      Frame 0769: The Soviet Navy in Theory and Practice.

      Frame 0807: Simulations of Soviet Growth Options to  1985.

      Frame 0839: The Sino-NATO Connection: The Kremlin's  View.

      Frame 0887: The Political Utility of Strategic Superiority: A Preliminary Investigation into the Soviet View.

      Reel VII

      Frame 0001: Implication for the Soviet Military of the  Population Explosion in Central Asia.

      Frame 0032: The Implications of Soviet Civil Defense.

      Frame 0070: Soviet Strategy and Tactics in Economic and  Commercial Negotiations with the United States.

      Frame 0088: The Influence of Minorities on the Soviet  Military.

      Frame 0161: Peaceful Coexistence and Detente:  The Soviet Quest for Security in the Postwar Era.

      Frame 0282: U.S.S.R.: Trends and Prospects in Educational Attainment, 1959-85.

      Frame 0318: Soviet Leadership Politics and Leadership  Views on the Use of Military Force.

      Frame 0354: Mailed Fist, Velvet Glove: Soviet Armed  Forces as a Political Instrument -- Part I.

      Reel VIII

      Frame 0001: Mailed Fist, Velvet Glove: Soviet Armed  Forces as a Political Instrument -- Part II.


      Frame 0676: ISC Events from 1964 to 1976 at and Near  the Nuclear Testing Ground in Eastern Kazakhstan.

      Frame 0737: Technology and East-West Trade.

      Reel IX

      Frame 0001: Soviet-Norwegian Relations, Norwegian  Reactions To Soviet Pressures.

      Frame 0101: Soviet Politics and Revival of Russian  Patriotism, Soviet Rulers, Dissident Patriots, and Solzhenitsyn.

      Frame 0185: Soviet and U.S. Defense Activities, 1970-79: A Dollar Cost Comparison.

      Frame 0197: Soviet and American Strategic Doctrines:  One More Time.

      Frame 0241: The Soviet Involvement in the Ogaden War.

      Frame 0284: U.S.S.R.: Coal Industry Problems and Prospects.

      Frame 0307: Russia's Treaties of Friendship and Cooperation in Asia.

      Frame 0436: Soviet Strategy in the Red Sea Basin.

      Frame 0676: A Soviet Navy for the Nuclear Age.

      Frame 0707: The Soviet Union and Strategic Nuclear  War.

      Frame 0863: Indices of Agricultural and Food Production  for Europe and the U.S.S.R. : Average 1961-65 and Annual 1970 through 1979.

      Frame 0908: The Planning and Management of Industrial  Research and Development in the U.S.S.R. Report on December 1979 U.S. Team Visit in U.S.S.R.

      Frame 0980: Estimating Soviet and East European Hard  Currency Dept.

      Frame 1016: The Soviet Economy in 1978-79 and Prospects for 1980.

      Frame 1047: Political Control of the Soviet Armed  Forces.



The Soviet Union, Special Studies, 1970-1980 : edited by Paul Kesaris includes a reel index, with short descriptions of the papers, and a brief subject index.


            Soviet Union--Foreign relations

            Soviet Union--Military policy.

            Soviet Union--Economic conditions--1919-