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The Papers of the Society of American  Indians

Call Number

E 75 S6 P374X 1987

The Papers of the Society of American  Indians.  Larner, John W.  Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, Inc.,1987.

MIC FLM E 75 S6 P374X 1987 10 reels, 35mm.


   The Papers of the Society of American Indaians  provide an extensive array of source material generated by the nation's earliest Pan-Indian reform organizations. The papers include about 5,600 items of correspondence between members, minutes, memoranda, reports, legal documents, newsclippings, and personal jottings. Both native American and white thoughts about assimilation and self-determination are represented in this collection drawn from forty-five collections nationwide. It covers all major issues and most of the important figures connected with U.S. Indian policy during the period of Progressivism. SAI items NOT INCLUDED in the collection due to wide availability: The American Indian Magazine/Quarterly Journal of the Society of American  Indians , Report of the Executive Council on the  Proceedings of the First Annual Conference of the  Society of American Indians, and Report of the Executive  Council on the Proceedings of the First-Third Annual  Conferences of the Society of American Indians. 



      1 Correspondence, Abbot to Carter

      2 Correspondence, Cash to Davis

      3 Correspondence, Davis to Hoslin

      4 Correspondence, Houghton to McKenzie

      5 Correspondence, McKenzie (cont.) to Richards

      6 Correspondence, Richards to Stephens

      7 Correspondence, Stephens to Zeller. 

                  Organizational documents.

      8 Part I, Series B: Organizational documents SAI   (cont.) Part II, Series I- Correspondence

      9 Part II, Series I - Correspondence (cont.);

                  Part II, Series 2, Publications

      10 Part II, Series 2, Pulications (cont.); Part II,   Series 3, Newspaper coverage



FLM E 75 S6 P374X 1987 GUIDE

The collection is indexed in Guide tothe Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition of the Papers of the Society of American Indians.  Included are two keys to acronyms, an author  index for correspondence, author index for SAI  pulications, and newspaper title index.


                  Society of American Indians--Archives

                  Indians of North America--History-