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OSS/London: Special Operations Branch and Secret Intelligence Branch War Diaries

Call Number

D 810 S7 O15X 1985


OSS/London: Special Operations Branch and Secret Intelligence Branch War Diaries.  Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, c1985. Great Britain. Special Operations Executives. 

MIC FLM D 810 S7 O15X 1985 8 reels.


 From 1942 to 1945 London was a major center of the Allied intelligence operation. In addition to British intellgence, six other networks used London as their headquarters and central operating base. The collection centers on the Office of Strategic Services and includes substantial portions of the papers of the Special Operations Branch and the Secret Intelligence Branch. The objectives, organization and activities of OSS operations are presented in great detail.


  Reel 1: Special Operations (SO) Branch



            Volume 1: Office of the Chief

            Volume 2: Planning

            Volume 3: Book III-IV, Western Europe,


Reel 2: SO Branch cont.

            Volume 3: Book V-VIII--Western Europe, F-Section        

                    Book IX--Western Europe, RF-Section

Reel 3: SO Branch cont.

            Volume 3: Book X--Western Europe, RF-Section:       Special Maquis Missions

                        Book XI-XII--Western Europe,  RF-Section

                        Book XIII--Western Europe 


            Volume 4: Book I-II--Jedburghs

      Reel 4: SO Branch cont.

            Volume 4: Book III-VI--Jedburghs cont

            Volume 4A: Operational Groups

Reel 5: SO Branch cont.

             Volume 5: Book I-III--Army Staffs

            Volume 6: Air Operations

            Volume 7: Central European Section

            Volume 8: Book I--Scandinavia

      Reel 6: SO Branch cont.

            Volume 8: Book I-II--Scandinavia cont.

            Volume 9: Training

            Volume 10: Supply

            Volume 11: Biographies

            Volume 12: Basic Documents

            Volume 13: Book I-II--Miscellanous


 Reel 7: Secret Intelligence (SI) Branch

            Volume I: Introductory Survey of

                  Establishment, Activities, and Plans of


            Volume 2: Basic Documents

            Volume 3: "Sussex" Operation

            Volume 4: "Proust" Project

            Volume 5: Field Detachments

            Volume 6: Book II-II, Part B--Labor Division

      Reel 8: SI Branch cont.

            Volume 7: Miscellaneous Operations With Allied


            Volume 8: Book I-II--Reports Division

            Volume 9: Branch Organization, Personnel, and


            Volume 10: Biographies

            Volume 11: Basic Documents

            Volume 12: Book I--German Operations

                     Book II-III--German Operations: The

                  Desks and Their Missions cont.


MIC FLM D 810 S7 O15X 1985 GUIDE

OSS/London: Special Operations Branch and Secret Intelligence Branch War Diaries, edited by Paul Kesaris  and compiled by Dale Reynolds, is a reel guide which comes with the microflim set. It contains a thorough  listing of reel contents and a brief subject index.


            Great Britain. Special Operations Executive -- Archives.

            World War, 1939-1945 -- Secret service -- Great Britain -- Sources.

            World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground movements -- Sources.