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Documents and Official Records from 1946 to the Present

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Documents and Official Records from 1946 to the Present.  United Nations. New York: Readex Microprint.

LOC IN GOV'T PUBS  Microprint.


            Reproduces mimeographed and printed documents, and official records of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council, and other principal organs of the United Nations.


            By chronological period: 1946-53, 1954-56, and annually since 1957; arranged by issuing agency within each period.


DOC   UNDEX: United Nations Documents Index . New York: United Nations. Library has 1974-1978.

             Series A: Subject Index: Covers "selected documents and publications issued by the United Nations."

             Series B: Country Index: Lists by country "major aspects of the participation of member states in the United Naion's affairs (eg., how a country voted on an issue) and references to the documents containing a record of it."

             Series C: List of Documents Issued: "A listing and bibliographical description of all documents and publications of the United Nations, except restricted material and internal papers, and all printed publications of the International Court of Justice."

DOC   UNDOC: Current Index:  New York, United Nations,

REF  1979+.

            Superseded UNDEX, Series A, B, and C.

            Includes author, title, and subject indexes.


            United Nations