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German Baroque Literature

Call Number

Z 2232 Y353

German Baroque Literature. Yale University. Library. Yale Collection of German Literature. New Haven, CT:  Research Publications, 1971.

MIC FLM Z 2232 Y353  656 reels. 35 mm.


            Reproduces the 2,363 titles in Curt Von Faber du Faur's German Baroque Literature: A Catalogue of the  Collection in the Yale University Library. This collection "attempts to present an outline of literary history" for the German Baroque Period, 1575 - 1740. Only literary works are included, but works by philosophers, historians, philologists, and theologians are represented "when their works were addressed to the general public."


            As listed in Curt Von Faber du Faur's bibliography.


 Title and author searches are available on GEAC.

MIC FLM Z 2231 Y3

German Baroque Literature; Catalogue of the Collection in the Yale University Library by Curt von Faber du Faur, Curator of the German Literature Collection, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1958 - 69, presents the documents in the context of an outline of literary history based on the collection. An index number indicates the document's place in the microfilm collection.

MIC FLM Z 2232 Y3 

German Baroque Literature: A Descriptive Catalogueof the Collection of Harold Jantz and a Guide to the Collection on Microfilm: V.1 & 2, Research Publications,

1974, also follows the pattern of a literary history outline, but includes author, initial, pseudonymous, and title main entry indexes within each literary division. Reel and index numbers are indicated.


Bibliography-Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Yale Z  University Library Collection of German Baroque Literature, Research Publications, 1971, is the index which accompanies the collection. It lists documents alphabetically by author, or title if anonymous items reproduced, and indicates the reel and index number.


            German Literature