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United States Government Publications: Depository Publications

Call Number

J 85 GP 3.2:ST 2/2

34. Depo.WPF

United States Government Publications: Depository Publications. Non-depository Publications. New York: Readex Microprint.

MIC FLM J 85 GP 3.2:ST 2/2 Library has 1960+. Microprint.


            Depository publications are U. S. government publications printed by the Government Printing Office automatically sent to designated libraries. Non-depository publications are, as a general rule, not printed by the Government Printing Office, but by the issuing agencies, and are not automatically sent to depository libraries.


            Chronologically by year, and within each year by Monthly  Catalog entry numbers. Depository and non-depository items are filed separately.


U. S. Superintendent of Documents.  Monthly Catalog of U.S. Goverment Publications. Washington: GPO. Located in Government Publications.

An annual author, title and subject index to U. S. Government publications. Depository items are indicated by a black dot.


            United States--Government Publications