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The Collected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family, 1735-1885

Call Number

ND 237 P27 A25X

The Collected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family, 1735-1885. Millwood, NY: KTO MIcroform, 1980. Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827. 

MIC FIC ND 237 P27 A25X   449 Microfiche. 24x.


            Charles Willson Peale was an American artist who worked with John Singleton Copley and Benjamin West. During the Revolutionary War he served in the Pennsylvania Militia and painted many portraits of the army; his portrait of George Washington is the earliest known. After the War, he established the Philadelphia Museum, devoted to art and natural history, "the first scientifically organized museum open to the American public on a regular basis." Most of his 11 surviving children inherited his interests, becoming well-known artists and naturalists. He and his sons founded several other museums, one of which was eventually purchased by P. T. Barnum when he was a young man.

            The collected papers include the letters, diaries, daybooks, journals, account books, biographies and autobiographies of the Peale family, as well as reproductions of some of the paintings.


            Series I: The Papers of Charles Peale (1709-1750).

            Series II: The Papers of Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827).

            Series III: The Papers of James Peale, Sr., and his children.

            Series IV: The Papers of St. George Peale (1745-1778).

            Series V: The Papers of Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825).

            Series VI: The Papers of Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860).

            Series VII: The Papers of Rubens Peale (1784-1865).

            Series VIII: The Papers of Titian Ramsey Peale (1799-1885).

            Series IX: The Papers of Benjamin Franklin Peale (1795-1870).

            Series X: The Papers of the Other Children of Charles Willson Peale.

            Series XI: Documents relating to the Peale Museum.

            Series XII: Tax Records (1784-1818).

            Series XIII: Color sketches and sketchbooks.


FCB ND 237 P27 A25X SUPL.

The Collected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and  His Family: A Guide and Index to the Microfiche Edition. Millwood, NY: Kraus Microform, 1980. Includes a General Index which describes each  series, provides a chronological summary of the letters and documents, and lists by title writings and other published documents; and an Alphabetical Index to correspondents and names mentioned in documents.



            Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827

            Peale Family