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Charles S. Peirce Papers

Call Number

B 945 P4 1966

Charles S. Peirce Papers. Cambridge, MA: Houghton Library, Harvard University, 1966-1970. Peirce, Charles S. (Charles Sanders), 1839-1914

MIC FLM B 945 P4 1966 39 reels. 35 mm.


            Charles Peirce is, according to the Dictionary of  American Biography, "the most original and versatile of America's philosophers and America's greatest logician." His father, Benjamin Peirce, was a well-known mathematician who wanted his son to become a scientist. Charles Peirce took a degree in chemistry and worked and wrote in the scientific field; he was the first person to try to use the wave length of a light ray as a standard unit of measurement. He also developed his interest in logic and philosophy; he is best known as the founder of Pragmatism. He retired to the country in 1887 to write. The papers reproduced here include his writings on Pragmatism, logic and mathematics as well as criminology and spelling. The collection also includes some of his and his family's correspondence.


 Items are arranged as listed in Richard S. Robin's

       Annotated Catalogue of the Papers of Charles S. Peirce and broadly fall into the following categories: mathematics, pragmatism, phenomenology, logic, metaphysics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geodesy and metrology, linguistics, history, sciences of review, practical science. Other documents are categorized as reviews, translations, miscellanea, biographical, and correspondence.

Reel 1-30: Papers

Reel 31-32: Supplement to the microfilm edition of the    Charles S. Peirce papers

Reel L1-L6: Professional correspondence


Annotated Catalogue of the 6616  Papers of Charles S. Peirce is an annotated checklist of the manuscripts and letters in the microfilm set and  includes a subject index to the manuscripts. Richard S. Robin's 

MIC FLM B 945 P4 1966  

The Peirce Papers; A Supplementary Catalogue, Richard S. Robins's is reproduced on reel 31 and is guide to papers located after the microfilming project was undertaken.


            Peirce, Charles S. (Charles Sanders), 1839-1914