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American Women's Diaries (New England) 1789-1915

Call Number


 HQ 1418 A44X

American Women's Diaries (New England) 1789-1915.

New Canaan, CT.: Readex Corporation, 1984.
22 reels. 35 mm.


            Contains material filmed from the handwritten originals housed at the American Antiquarian Society. The first segment-New England Women-contains the diaries of eight middle and upper class residing on the Eastern Seaboard. The collection spanned the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, combining major events in the Nation's history (American Revolution, Civil War, and Industrial Revolution) with insights into the daily lives of individuals (good and bad marriages, childbirth, and child rearing). Demonstrates the struggles of women trying to find fulfillment through an acceptable means of self-expression.


            Ruth Henshaw Bascom (1789-1846)

            Abigail Gardner Drew (1799-1817)

            Susan E. Parsons Brown Forbes (1841-1908)

            Hannah Gale (1837-1838)

            Louisa Adams Park (1800-1801)

            Sally Ripley (1799-1801, 1805-1809)

            Martha Rogers (1785)

            Caroline Barrett White (1849-1915)


FLM  HQ 1418 A44X Guide

Index to Women's Diaries. Segment I: New England Women. New Canaan, CT.: Readex Corporation, 1984.

Contains an introduction to each diary and a detailed listing of the contents of each reel. An index to the entire collection is also provided to aid the researcher in comparing and contrasting the views of several women on the same topic.


            Women--New England