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The Papers of Albert Gallatin: 1761-1849

Call Number

Z 6616 G34X P73















Z 6616 G34X P73 GUIDE

Gallatin, Albert, 1761-1849. The Papers of Albert Gallatin.  Philadelphia: Rhistoric Publications, 1969.

46 reels. 35 mm.


            Albert Gallatin was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1761 and emigrated to the United States in 1780. He became involved in politics, serving in the Pennsylvania State legislature in the 1790's, when he became involved in the Whiskey Rebellion. In 1795-1801 he served in the U.S. House of Representatives. Thomas Jefferson appointed him Secretary of the Treasury in 1801; he served until 1813, when he was appointed to the five-member commission sent to Ghent to negotiate the treaty ending the War of 1812. His last two official positions were the Minister to France, 1816-1823 and the Minister to England, 1826-1827. In his private life, he was president of the National Bank of New York City, and an officer of New York University, of the New York Historical Society and of the American Ethnological Society.
            This set reproduces his personal and public papers located in over 90 U.S. and foreign archives and collections, and includes some 25,000 separate items.


            Reel 1: Biographical, autobiographical, and genealogical material, 1761-1793.

            Reel 2-44: Public and private papers, arranged chronologically.

            Reel 45: Pamphlets by Albert Gallatin.

            Reel 46: Project name index file.




          Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Papers of Albert Gallatin. New York: 1970.  
                    Includes a brief description of items on each reel. Reel 46 reproduces the "Project Name Index File," which  can be used as "a rudimentary name index to the filmed  set."

            Gallatin, Albert, 1761-1849-1849--Archives New York Historical Society
            United States National Historical Publications Commission
            New York Unvierstiy