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Detailed Account Books and Balance Sheets

Call Number

HD 8400 L7 L631X

Detailed Account Books and Balance Sheets. London: Worldwide Microfilm, 1970. London Trades Council.

MIC FLM HD 8400 L7 L631X 1 reel. 35 mm.

London Trades Council.  Minutes, V. 1-21, July 10,1860-October 1953. London: Worldwide Microfilm, 1970.

MIC FLM HD 8400 L7 L632X 9 reels. 35 mm.

  London Trades Council.  Report, 1st-93rd; 1860/6/-1952. London: Worldwide Microfilm, 1970.

MIC FLM HD 8400 L7 L63  1 reel. 35 mm.


   The London Trades Council, founded in 1860 as a result of a bitter strike of the London builders, was a voluntary organization of the London trade unions established to give aid and advice to the member unions and to coordinate their political activities. London, along with Manchester and Glasgow, was one of the centers of trade union activity, and the history of the London Trades Council illustrates the development of the trade union movement and the origin of the Labour Party.






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