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Africa: Special Studies, 1962-1980

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MicFilm DT 30.5 A355X 1981Z

Africa, Special Studies, 1962-1980.  

Frederick, MD.:University Publications of America, c. 1981.
7 reels. 35 mm.


            This intriguing collection covers a wide variety of topics such as politics, government, economics, military strength and philosophy, and foreign relations of African nations from 1962 through 1980. Most of the articles are written by university research centers, military colleges, or U.S. government offices. Although several studies cover Africa on the whole, or large geographical or political areas of the continent, some countries are covered specifically. 



The Role of Military Assistance in the Problem of Arms Control: The Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

      Regional Arms Control Arrangements for Developing Areas: Arms and Control in Latin America, the   Middle East, and Africa.

      Challenge and Response in Internal Conflict. Volume III: The Experience in Africa and Latin America.


      Communism in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Essay with Bibliographic Supplement.

      The Role of U.S. Assistance Programs in Developing Indigenous Leadership in East Africa. 

      Communist China in Black Africa: The Tan-Zam Railway, 1965-1970.

      Political Parties of Africa: A Soviet Study. (In English.)

      U.S. Military Assistance to Africa: Organization,Problems and Prospects.

      Agency for International Development (AID): Economic Data Book for Africa. 


      Summary of Mining and Petroleum Laws of the World: Africa.

      Sino-Soviet Involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Element of Mutual Competition.

      U.S. Security Interests and Options in Central Africa.

      Black Africa: A Source of Essential Materials for the U.S.

      The Sahel Development Program: Progress and Constraints.


      Military Sales: An Increasing U.S. Role in Africa. Seaport Dependence and Inter-State Cooperation: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa. Congressional Presentation FY 1981.


      Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare: Algeria 1954-1962.


      AID Spring Review of Land Reform Vol. III: Land Reform in Algeria, Tunisia, and the United Arab   Republic.


      The Soviet Union and Angola.


Witchcraft, Sorcery, Magic, and Other Psychological Phenomena and Their Implications on Military and Paramilitary Operation in the Congo.

      UN Peacekeeping in the Congo: 1960-1964. An Analysis of Political, Executive and Military Control.

            Vol. I: Summary and Conclusions.

            Vol. II: Full Text.

Vol. III: Appendices.   

            Vol. IV: Congo Chronology, 1960-1964.


      The Effect of Haile Selassie's Death on U.S. Foreign Policy in East Africa.

      Eritrea and the Soviet-Cuban Connection.

      The Horn of Africa: Historical Patterns Conflict and Strategic Considerations.

      Soviet Policy in the Horn of Africa: The Decision to Intervene.


      Impact of Population Assistance to an African Country: Department of State, Agency for International   Development.

      The Role of Science and Technology in the Economic Development of Ghana.


Army Roles, Missions, and Doctrine in Low Intensity Conflict (ARMLIC): Pre-conflict Case Study 5, Kenya.

      AID Spring Review of Land Reform. Vol. IX: Land Reform in Kenya. The Land Tenure Problem in   Nigeria.


      Insurgency: A Case for the Kenya Police.

      Namibia 1979: Another Angola.


Civil-Military Relations in Nigeria and Tanzania: A Study of the Success and Failure of Civil Leadership in Africa.


      The Warrior Heritage: A Study of Rhodesia.

            SOUTH AFRICA

      The Economic Development of South Africa in Its Political Context.

      South Africa: Economic Potential for World Partnership.

      Black South Africans Against Apartheid: A Continuing Struggle.


      Brief descriptions and specific locations of the papers, as well as a subject index, are provided in Africa, Special Studies, 1962-1980: Guide edited by Paul Kesaris.

      MicFilm DT 30.5 A355x 1981Z


      Africa -- History government -- 1960- -- Collected works -- Indexes

      Africa -- Politics and government -- 1960- -- Collected works -- Indexes

      Africa -- Economic conditions -- 1945-  --  Collected works -- Indexes

      Africa -- Foreign relations --1960- -- Collected works -- Indexes