The Book Donations Committee of the Africana Librarians Council reviews applications for the African Studies Association annual Book Donation Award. ASA provides $3000 to support projects which best meet the proposal criteria outlined. Awards have been granted to the following organizations:

2006 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$500 to ship geology books to from the AESEDA Library Program for Georesources Capacity Building to university libraries in Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

$500 to ship nursing books of retired nursing University of Albany nursing faculty member Anne Slyer Oboyski to support the new nursing program at Debab University in Awassa, Ethiopia.

$500 to ship children’s and K-12 school textbooks donated to Friends of African Village Libraries to community-run libraries in Burkina Faso and Ghana.

$410 to ship school books from Global Youth Partnership for Africa/Books for Africa to school libraries in Gulu, Uganda.

$400 to ship K-12 books from Book for Zim to school libraries in Lemba and Mapakamhere, Zimbabwe.

$400 to ship titles covering the teaching of English, Math, and Science from Dr. Mary F. Barratt in Ames, Iowa to Juda Girls Secondary School, Teachers Resources Center at the University of Juba in Juba, Sudan.

$290 to ship children’s books donated by Dr. Steve Frantzich at the United States Naval Academy to Kids Hope School’s Library: Tokbet Library & Community Resources Centre (TOLCREC) in Tokbet Hills, Plateau State, Nigeria.

2005 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$800 to ship donated books and journals from the Friends of Sanar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to the Universite? Gaston Berger de Saint Louis (Sanar) in Saint Louis, Senegal.

$500 to ship donated books and journals from SIBUSISO, Inc. in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, to the Esikelweni Community, Eastern Cape, Natal, South Africa.

$400 to ship the library and papers of the Late Lemuel Johnson from the ALA Issues Committee at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

$400 to ship donated books and journals from The Gambia Book Project at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to the Latrikunda Lower Basic School and Gambia College and University of The Gambia.

$300 to ship donated books and journals from the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development (GLC) in Toledo, Ohio, to the Morogoro Youth Development Centre, Kilakala-Community Library in Tanzania.

$200 to ship donated books from Education for All in Seattle, Washington to the Education for All library in Warren Park, Zimbabwe and sites in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

$200 to ship donated books from Janet Jasinski in East Freetown, Massachusetts to the Palabana Basic School in Zambia.

$200 to ship donated books and journals from Read More Books, Regis College Tinansa Intercultural Service Learning Program, Denver, Colorado, to the Westley Girls Primary and Junior Secondary School in Ghana.

2004 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$885 to ship 1,100 donated books from Professor William G. Martin, State University of Binghamton, Binghamton, New York, to the University of the Western Cape Library.

$590 to ship donated books from People United for Libraries in Africa (PULA), New York, New York, to a community library in Butiru, Uganda.

$540 to ship donated books from Ms. Wilma P.L. Jones, Chief Librarian of the College of Staten Island CUNY, Staten Island, New York, to the Njala University College Library in Sierra Leone.

$500 to ship microbiology lab books from the David Saum Foundation, Falls Church, Virginia, to the University of Dar Es Salaam Microbiology Department, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

$285 to ship reference books donated by U.S. publishers from the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, Los Angeles, California, to the J.R. Camm Senior Primary School in Aranos, Namibia.

$200 to ship donated English as a Second Language materials from the Des Monies Area Community College, Des Monies, Iowa, to the University of South Africa Department of Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics.

2003 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$500.00 to ship library materials to Malawi from Portland, Oregon through the Friends of Malawi Project.

$600.00 to ship legal documents from the Yale Law School Library to the Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone.

$500.00 to ship library materials from Georgia State University, Gerontology Institute to the Bureau of Educational Research, to support a Gerontology Project at Kenyatta University.

$260.00 to ship library materials from Rockhurst University Literacy Center, Rockhurst University International Book Pass and Donation Program to Sibisi Primary School and Sekanaka Secondary School Dennilton, South Africa.

$500.00 to ship library materials from Santa Clara University, the Stanford Parents Club, and the Friends of African Village Libraries in California to village libraries and literacy projects in Koumbia, Karaba as well as its continued support to the library in Bereba in Burkina Faso.

$270.00 ship 800 lbs of donated library materials to Bungoma in Western Kenya from the Outreach Kenya Project at Indiana University.

$370.00 to support the Center of Excellence in Minority Medical Education & Health at Michigan State University to ship science and social science materials to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka library.

2002 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$300.00 to ship library materials to The Polytechnic in Ibadan, Nigeria from Penn State Harrisburg

$350.00 to ship library materials to the Children’s Resource Library Project in Kampala, Uganda in collaboration with the People with Disabilities Uganda (PWDU) and Pearls of Africa organization

$1000.00 to ship library materials to the University of Malawi in Zomba, Malawi from Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama

$670.00 to ship library materials to the Munali School located in Lusaka, Zambia from the Seattle Academy in Seattle, Washington

$180.00 to ship examination copies of social science and humanities textbooks to the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, Department of Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics where Ms. Louise Kretzschmar will distribute them to the Baptist Convention College library in Soweto

$250.00 to ship library materials to the Afhad University for Women in Omdurman(AUW) in Sudan, The Sudan-American Foundation For Education, Inc. (SAFE) plans to arrange a book exhibition so that librarians from academic institutions in the Sudan may select books to supply their libraries.

$250.00 to ship library materials to the community library in Oupumako, Namibia through the Salamatu Foundation to develop a library for community education about HIV/AIDS.

2001 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$800 to ship library materials to the Julie Okeyo Memorial Library Foundation (part of the registered non-profit, Science and Engineering Research Center) in Nairobi Kenya

$1500 to ship library materials to the University of Lagos Library in Lagos, Nigeria in connection with the School of Political & International Studies at Farleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ

$700 to ship library materials to the Bibliotheque Villageois de Bereba in Burkina Faso in connection with Santa Clara University

2000 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$525 for the University of Virginia and University of the Western Cape, South Africa. This is a project to send materials to the new library of the UWC Anthropology/Sociology Departments.

$120 for the University of Puget Sound and School of Occupational Therapy in Moshi, Tanzania.

$500 for the Friends of Malawi West Coast Book Project in Portland, Oregon for primary schools in Malawi. The organization has a working mechanism to identify appropriate schools.

$927.50 for the Books for Africa project at Rutgers University and the Kakapel village library in Teso District in Western Kenya. This NGO has a long-term goal of establishing rural libraries in Kenya, one at a time.

$927.50 for Cultural Survival in Cambridge, MA and a Maasai educational center in Narok, Kenya. Cultural Survival is an NGO established in 1972 to defend the rights of indigenous people and ethnic minorities.The library will serve the needs of 4 high schools, a teacher's college, and the community as a whole.

1999 African Studies Association (ASA) Book Donation Awards

$300 to Allegheny College for a project with Edo State University, Nigeria. This modest award added to local funding to finish shipping 515 pounds of books and journals. The requester, Dr. Onaiwu Ogbomo, taught at Edo State (formerly Bendel State) from 1982 to 1993, and the current project builds on his past efforts through the Edo State University Librarian. Dr. Ogbomo has mobilized students and faculty at Allegheny making this a community effort with excellent support on both sides.

$300 to Michigan State University for a project with Addis Ababa University. These two institutions have a long-standing relationship in both research and exchanging students and faculty. The requester, Tim Carmichael, spent three years in Ethiopia, and developed a list of the specific books and journal issues needed at AAU.

$750 to RAINBO for a project with African women's NGOs and academic institutions. RAINBO stands for Research, Action and Information Network for the Bodily Integrity of Women. This non-profit organization is based in New York City. They produce and freely distribute high quality text and graphic materials on reproductive health, focusing on female genital mutilation. They have partners in 28 African countries and reach 120 libraries. This award helps to widely distribute vitally needed high quality materials throughout the continent.

$825 to Renaissance Project, University of Texas-Pan American for a project with University of Yaounde 1. This award helped ship about $20,000 worth of modern textbooks collected from faculty throughout the United States. The Renaissance Project developed as a national effort out of Dr. William Strong's Fulbright stay at the University of Ibadan. His Yaounde partners are Dr. Ann Eno and Vice Rector Edward Ako.

$825 to University at Albany for a project with Douala University. This project for shipping about 30 boxes came out of specific direct requests from Douala's students and faculty. Douala was upgraded from a teacher's college and trade school to a university in 1993, but the Library still has gaps related to the new curriculum. The relationship between the two institutions began in 1997/98 when Douala's General Secretary, Dr. Therese Belle Wangue, visited Albany as a Fulbright Scholar. The requester, Dr. Shirley Jones, went to Douala in 1998 to establish a linkage program. Book donations have come from several University at Albany departments as well as from the Friends of the Library booksales.