Historical Black Newspapers - University at Albany

by Deborah M. LaFond

African American Newspapers: the 19th century
Accessible Archives, produces this on-line database of primary source material
from 18th & 19th century American Newspapers.

Contains the original source materials written by African-Americans for African-Americans. Covers many aspects of 19th century cultural life and history. Includes content from four major African-American newspapers which are complemented by the more complete microfilm versons of these same titles held by the UA Libraries. Three of the newspapers were published in N.Y. Descriptions of newspapers included here can be found at http://www.accessible.com/about/aboutaa.htm.

This database includes the digitized full text of the following African American newspapers. The University at Albany has purchased access for the following coverage dates but also has access to some of the microfilm or print versions.

African American Newspapers (Database Coverage) Main Library, Periodicals Room.
Electronic Access
Microfilm, Periodical or Print Version
Freedom's Journal, New York, 1827-Mar. 1829 Mar.1827-Mar. 1829 (v.1-2(no.1-104)[MIC Per E 185 F84]

Christian Recorder
(part of the African American Newspapers database but not yet purchased at U Albany)

Colored American, New York, 1837-Mar. 1840

May 1900-Nov.1909. Per E 185.5 C77X v.1-17.

Per E 185.5 C77X :INDEX

The North Star, Rochester, NY, 1847-July 1849 Dec.3,1847-Apr.17,1851 ULIB MIC Per MIC NEWS (microfilm)
National Era, Washington, DC, 1847-Dec. 1848 Jan 7, 1847- March 12, 1860 (v. 1-14) note: completed through 1853 [ULIB MIC Per MIC NEWS]

Frederick Douglass Paper [Rochester, NY] (part of the African American Newspapers database but not yet purchased at U Albany)

1851-1859 note: completed thru. 1852 [MIC / Per MIC NEWS] (some issues missing; June 26, 1851- Dec. 1855, 1859-1863)

Provincial Freeman [Chatham, Canada West/Ontario] 1854-1857 (part of the African American Newspapers database but not yet purchased at U Albany)


Newspapers in Oversize Collection (Physical size of print source is oversized noted by OVER in call number) located on the 2nd floor of the Main Library

National Anti-slavery standard
[OVER / *** E449 N28]

National Principia
[OVER / *** E 453 N38]

New York Principia
[OVER / *** E 453 N38]

Principia and National Era
[OVER / *** E 453 N38X]

Examples of Related Sources (where newspapers may be cited):

Antebellum Black newspapers : indices to New York Freedom's journal (1827-1829), The Rights of all (1829), The Weekly advocate (1837), and The Colored American (1837-1841) / edited by Donald M. Jacobs, assisted by Heath Paley, Susan Parker, and Dana Silverman. [E 185.5 J33]

African Observer, 1827-28
[ MIC FcP E 446 A252]

American anti-slavery reporter [MIC / Per AP 2 A53X]

American Jubilee [PER E 449 A1 A54X; not currently received v. 1, no.1-12 Mar. 1854-Apr. 1855]

Anti-slavery examiner [E 449 P556 1969]

Anti-slavery record.
New York, American anti-slavery society.(microfiche) v.1-3 Jan.1835-1837.
[MIC FcP E 449 A6238]

Anti-slavery Tracts [MIC Fiche E449 W583]

Douglass' monthly [MIC FcP E 449 D68X; Not currently received (microfiche) v.1-5 1859-63]

Liberator (Boston, Mass.)
[MIC / PER AP 2 A53X]

Miscellaneous writings on slavery.
William Jay. [1968] Reprint of the 1853 ed. [E 449 J4252 1968]

National Era
[MIC / PER MIC NEWS] (v.1-14; 1847-1860)

[Per E 449 N81] (v.1-5;n.s.v.1-2 1846-50;1853-54)

Slavery in America
[MIC / FcP E 441 S632] (no.1-14 1836-37)