Horizontal Keiretsu

The centerpiece of the Networking text is the Japanese concept of horizontal keiretsu or a forum of cooperation and collaboration among highly competitive individual units. The recent critiques raised important questions about taking an economic arrangement based upon productivity and translating it into a call for networks of schools improving Regents driven performance. While we will have to wait and see how New York school districts actually play out the competitive cooperation option for school report cards, we can use the web to get a much better picture of what horizontal keiretsu experiences really mean in Japan and America. Try the following:

  • The Japanese Way: The Relationship Between Financial Institutions and Non Financial Firms. Discusses both horizonal keiretsu and whether the idea is "fading."

  • Management Structure Examples. Uses Nippon Steel as organization that describes its management as "great river flowing. constantly changing..."

  • Results of the Great Infrastructure Debate. Two day conference to debate alternative scenarios for the evolution of the US Information superhighway.