Describing the Region

To: Those Interested in Regional Meanings of k-12 Education
From: David Wiles
Re: Making Sense of the Capital Region Using Business Review Ratings

Since the first of the semester we have wrestled with the premise that the Business Review ratings of seventy nine k-12 districts in ten counties of upstate New York comprise a geographic entity called the "Capital Region"

As a follow up to class discussion, the "1993 Model" measures were used to determine what varied systematically with the l995 Business Review ratings of school productivity. As with the class demonstration, the following descriptors were submitted to stepwise regression:

The results of the stepwise regression set the stage for your Business Review exercise. On the following pages you will find both multiple regression and analysis of variance statistics applied to the descriptors found to be statistically significant by stepwise regression.

  1. Would you guess that the l993-l994 Regents diploma percents are a better "fit" with the Business Review rating or with the University Press Regent Points count? How would you set up an exercise to assess this using the l993 Model?
  2. What is it about the Business Review composite measure that seems to "favor" free lunch eligibility more than combined wealth ratio as a wealth capacity measure of the Capital Region?
  3. What would you guess the "beta scores" calculated from the standard error of the beta coefficient would say about the amount of "systematic variation" we were discussing in terms of individual measures "within" the correlation squared value generated by the multiple regression equation? Remember our class discussion about "standard error" in the Greg Camilli article?
  4. If you were going to describe the Capital Region as an area to pilot test the state wide implementation of the Regents driven secondary reform effort what would you say about the individual descriptors that exhibit the most (and least) systematic variation for networking strategies among the seventy nine disticts?

  1. Federal Budget Process;
  2. State Budget Process;
  3. New York State Education Budget;
  4. School Performance Data on Each NYS District;
  5. Census Data Profile of Each NYS District;
  6. NYS Education Commissioner Comments on Standards

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