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The scene in the background occured about five thirty on a morning in mid July. The sun is coming up over a stretch of Atlantic ocean off one of Florida's barrier islands.

Anastasia Island is located south of St. Augustine, between Daytona to the south and Jacksonville to the north.

Our place is on the southern tip of Anastasia, within a half a mile of Matansas Inlet. You can get near it by strolling down A-1-A south of Crescent Beach with an eye out for a Ripley's Believe It or Not billboard. If you are into tidewater tales and floating by on the intercoastal, keep an eye out for buoy #74 and shoot a straight line toward the surf. For those following the pelicans and the updrafts off the dunes your best is to get directions from my flying nephew through his webpage.

You won't find me under Wiles in the phone book but those who keep Alert can narrow in the Anastasia search through the yellow pages under management consulting. You can find me watching that sunrise from late May through mid August. Around the first of July you can find me at the Pepsi 400 maybe cheering for Dick and Lake but certainly near the r.a.s.n banner.

During the academic year you can find me in upstate New York being a professor in the University at Albany, teaching graduate classes about educational politics and management. For those committed to educational reform in New York State and the nation, particularly Regents driven curriculum and secondary programs, there are some interesting high performance results to think about in terms of state wide implementation efforts. It is exciting to see the State of New York make performance information on all districts available on the web.Hopefully, it will influence thinking about School Report Cards and implementation of all Regents secondary programs by the year 2003.


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