Books by Will Hobbs

  Books by Will Hobbs
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Hobbs, Will. Bearstone. New York: Antheum, 1992 - A troubled Ute Boy named Cloyd is to spend the summer on a ranch with an old man named Walter Landis. Through many trying times they learn to respect each other. Finding a stone in the shape of a bear helps Cloyd to come to terms with his life. (ALA/YASD Best Books for Young Adults 1989; IRA Teachers Choice for 1990; Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association Regional Book Award, 1990)

Hobbs, Will. Big Wanderer. New York: Antheum, 1992 - Fourteen-year-old Clay Lancaster searches for his uncle near Monument Valley, Arizona. His friendship with a Navajo family and a girl from a local ranch help him on his quest.

Hobbs, Will. Downriver. New York: Antheum, 1991 - Eight troubled students attending nine weeks of an "outdoor education school from hell" decide to lose their guide and raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Their harrowing experiences help many of the students to change and grow. (ALA 1992 Best Books for Young Adults; American Bookseller, Pick of the Lists)

Hobbs, Will. Far North. New York: Avon Books, 1996 - Two roommates in the Northwest Territories take a plan ride with a bush pilot and an old Dene Indian to see Virginia Falls. After landing a mile upriver the engine quits. Then the adventure begins… (ALA 1997 Best Books for Young Adults)

Hobbs, Will. Ghost Canoe. New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1997 - Nathan MacAllister, fourteen-year-old son of the lighthouse keeper at Tatoosh Island, Washington Territory, moves with his sick mother to Neah Bay near a Makah village. Nathan fishes with Lighthouse George and tries to solve a mystery of footprints in the sand after a shipwreck with no survivors and the Captain's death a result of stabbing.

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