Author Louisa May Alcott

  Contributed by Leah Ruderman

American Childhoods: An Anthology. David Willis McCullough, ed. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1987 - This book contains autobiographical excerpts from forty prominent American figures including Benjamin Franklin, Davy Crockett, and Maya Angelou, arranged in chronological order.

Burns, Kephra and Miles, William. Black Stars in Orbit: NASA's African-American Astronauts. San Diego: Gulliver Books, 1995 - Discusses the history of African Americans in flight. Great for anyone interested in space or the Civil Rights Movement.

Fireside, Harvey J. and Bryne. Young people from Bosnia Talk About War. New Jersey, Enslow Publishers, 1996 - This book is about the efforts of a group of Americans who brought many Bosnian teenagers to America during the Croat-Serbian War. Tells the Bosnian's stories and the history of the area.

Gaskins, Pearl Fuyo. What Are You? Voices of Mixed Race Young Adults. Henry Holt and Company. New York, 1999 - This excellent book features the stories of eighty mixed-race young adults. The stories are interesting and often humorous.

Lyons, Mary K. Keeping Secrets: The Girlhood Diaries of Seven Women Writers. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1995 - Using their diaries and biographical sketches, the author describes the lives of seven women writers including Louisa May Alcott and Kate Chopin. Topics include first loves, careers, and family life.

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