Contributed by Robin Obermeyer

Christopher, Matt. Man Out At First. Little Brown and Company, 1993 - Man Out At First is a novel about the main character Turtleneck Jones, who plays for the Peach Mudders. Turtleneck misses a play at first base and is worried that he will not get a chance to play first base for his team again.

Christopher, Matt. Return of the Home Run Kid. Little Brown and Company, 1992 - Sylvester is the greatest player on his baseball team. That was last year, it's a new year and Sylvester can not get a hit.

Macy, Sue. A Whole New Ball Game. Henry Holt and Company, 1993 - A Whole New Ball game outlines the history of the Al-American Girl's Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). Macy interviewed players from the AAGPBL for this book, which took eleven years to compile.

Reichler, Joseph. Baseball's Greatest Moments. Rutledge Books, 1985 - Baseball's Greatest Moments is filled with over two-hundred pages with the rich history of baseball. The book examines eighty-three of the greatest baseball stories taken from 1946-1984 games.

Winfield, David. The Complete Baseball Player. Avon Books, 1990 - The Complete Baseball Player is a helpful reference book to use in becoming a better baseball player. The book is written by Dave Winfield, a former professional major league player. In his book, Winfield offers expertise in increasing your baseball skills and in becoming a better player all around.

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