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  Contributed by Lorelei L. Hauptmann

Avi. The Fighting Ground. J. B. Lippencott, 1984 - Jonathan yearns to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War - but he is only thirteen, and his father won't allow it. When Jonathan defies his father and joins the war effort in New Jersey, the 24 hours that follow find him struggling with the decision he has made.

Avi. A Place Called Ugly. Avon Books, 1981 - Fourteen-year-old Owen must come to grips with the impending destruction of his family's summer rental home, a home filled with ten summers of memories.

Avi. Something Upstairs. Avon Books, 1990 - Kenny discovers a mysterious stain in a small room that used to house slaves in the historic old house his family has moved into. After he discovers the stain is the blood of a teenage slave said to have committed suicide in the eighteenth century, he meets the ghost of the slave, who tells him he was murdered and demands Kenny find out who the murderer was.

Avi. Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name. Avon Books, 1982 - After his parents' divorce, nine-year-old Conrad is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in St. Louis. Now at thirteen, Conrad feels he has become detached from his parents and concocts a plan to get to New York to find out why they have slowly removed themselves from his life. Unfortunately, his plan causes him to have more questions than answers.

Avi. Wolf Rider: A Tale of Terror. Aladdin Paperbacks, 1989 - Fifteen-year-old Andy Zadinski tried desperately to get his father and the local police to believe that he received a mysterious phone call from a man saying he has killed a local college coed.

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