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Arrick, Fran. What You Don't Know Can Kill You. New York: Dell Publishing, 1992 - After a town blood drive, Ellen's seemingly perfect life takes a major turn when she finds out she is HIV positive. Through the eyes of Ellen and her younger sister, Deborah, this story depicts the struggles a "normal" middle class American family can suffer including being ostracized by their community and even close family friends.

Ford, Michael Tomas. The Voices of AIDS. Beech Tree Books: New York, 1995 - The Voices of AIDS is a book of twelve individuals sharing how AIDS changed their lives. Mothers, brothers, writers, lovers, and friends offer their experiences to help educate others and transcend the stereotypes often attached to AIDS.

Kerr, M.E. Night Kites. New York: HarperKeypoint, 1986 - When seventeen-year-old Erick falls in live with his best friend's girl, Nicki, Erick learns the high price one often has to pay when he or she no longer fits in. At the same time, Erick and his family must learn to cope with their older son, Pete's, diagnosis of AIDS and his true identity.

Nelson, Theresa. Earthshine. New York: Orchard Books, 1995 - Twelve year old Slim struggles throughout this novel to cope with a number of difficult issues, the most pressing, her father's diagnosis with AIDS. In the midst of dealing with her father's illness, her parents' divorce and life with her dad's companion, Larry, and, of all things, school, Isaiah, a boy from Slim's church group insists that they need to take their parents to the "Miracle Man" up in the Hollywood Hills somewhere.

Sparks, Beatrice, Ed. It Happened to Nancy. New York, Avon Books, 1994 - It Happened to Nancy is a story of a fourteen-year-old girl who contracts the HIV virus from the man who rapes her. Told through the actual pages of her diary Nancy's pain, joy, confusion, fear, and triumph are all shared with the reader.

Durant, Penny Raife. When Heroes Die. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1992 - When Gary's favorite uncle is diagnosed with AIDS and reveals that he is gay, Gary's world is crushed and filled with confusion. A genuinely "good" seventh grader, Gary disengages from his friends in attempt to work out his feelings.

White, Ryan and Ann Marie Cunningham. Ryan White: My Own Story. New York: Signet Books, 1991 - This is the story of the young boy who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion and had to fight for his right to be allowed to attend a public high school.

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