CSEA Local #691 - University at Albany, SUNY


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The officers of CSEA Local 691 would like to welcome you to our website. We hope the information you find here will be informative and helpful in both your work and personal lives.

We have many members in various work locations including, but not limited to: Uptown Campus, Downtown Campus, East Campus, Wolf Road, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. This website is the best way to funnel information to our members, keeping you informed of all important issues at hand.

We are a multi-departmental local with many talented and hardworking members in each of the bargaining units: Administrative Services, Operational Services and Institutional Services. Please bring your talents and knowledge to the website, as well as to local meetings, to share with your fellow union members.

Remember that you, the member, are the Union. It is important that you participate, support, and continue to serve and protect all workers by getting involved.

You should also visit http://www.csealocal1000.org and http://www.afscme.org for more information. Both sites are very important to you as they contain current updates that will keep you informed on all issues affecting you. These sites also include direct links to your political representatives through which you may express your feelings about current events.

All information that needs your immediate attention will be sent to your personal email address as an ALERT. Therefore it is important that you provide your personal e-mail address to receive these ALERTS.

We are a work in progress, so please come back frequently as we are continually adding new information and updates.

Thank you,
Your Officers of Local 691:

President: Kevin Benn kbenn@albany.edu
Executive Vice President: Sheila Daubney sdaubney@albany.edu
1st Vice President: Jennifer Maloney mvankuren@albany.edu
2nd Vice President: Mikaline VanKuren mvankuren@albany.edu
3rd Vice President: Christopher Conger mvankuren@albany.edu
Treasurer: Nancy Davis panatrail@gmail.com
Secretary: Christine Barber cbarber@albany.edu