Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization for accounting students. The Eta Pi Chapter at University at Albany was chartered in 1990. Currently, we have about 100 active members on board. Most importantly, we provide prestige opportunities to its members through various events. First, we have social events such as Banquet, bowling, and formal where members get to know more about each other. Additionally, each member can learn more about others’ strengths to improve our own weaknesses. We also have community service events to give back to the community. Some of those community service events include Club Zoe, the Breast Cancer Walk and Relay For Life. Lastly, we have networking events every Monday night where we have the opportunity to meet with recruiters face to face and get to know more about them and their firms. From those events, our members become a part of the Beta Alpha Psi family and we have a great reputation on campus.

The Eta Pi chapter at the University at Albany prides itself in the skillset it provides each and every one of its members. Instilling a strong foundation is a major priority for us as we expect only top quality work to be provided by any of us at any given time.

We do so by, first, building strong relationships among each and every one of our members. Candidates must mock interview a certain amount of current members and eboard each week. Attend fun networking and social events, such as our banquet dinner with firm professionals, technical seminar meetings and even volleyball games where students and recruiters can get to know each other on a more personal level.

Our candidates are provided professional resume critiques, opportunities to network with firm professionals, practice interview skills and make lifelong friends in and outside of the field. We believe this really immerses themselves in the business world early on and is a recipe for great professionals.

Community service is also a huge part of what we stand for. Giving back to our communities is something we take great pride in and incorporate into our extracurricular every year. We have formed great relationships with the American breast cancer association, making strides, Jezreel, relay for life, local soup kitchens, Atria, Cares inc and so many more.