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Principles of Public Health for Preventive Medicine Residents -- HPM 503

Residents enrolled in the NYS Preventive Medicine Residency (PMR) Program participate in a weekly seminar throughout the two years of the program, introducing them to major issues in preventive medicine and public health.
First-year residents complete coursework toward an MPH at the University at Albany School of Public Health. As part of their MPH coursework, they receive academic credit for the PMR seminar as HPM 503 - Principles of Public Health for Preventive Medicine Residents. HPM 503 takes the place of the usual MPH core course EPI 503 - Principles of Public Health.

This site is under construction. It will eventually include materials about the NYS Preventive Medicine Residency program's seminar series and the specific requirements for receiving academic credit for participating in it.

Information about the residency program -- admission requirements, elective opportunities for medical students, or further details about the residency program itself -- is available at our main website: http://www.albany.edu/sph/residencies/pmr/

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