Personal Interests




Research Interests

Father and child washing dogAs a Conversation Analyst, I use audio and video recordings to study the practices that people use across contexts and the methods they use to perform interactional activities in specific contexts.

I have written on the ways that people agree and disagree with each other, respond to compliments and self-criticisms, negotiate responsibility for blameworthy and praiseworthy deeds, and seek information.

In health and medical settings, I studied how patients attempt to actualize their own agendas during consultations, how supervising physicians give feedback to residents, how families discuss organ and tissue donation, and how physicians encouage or discourage patients' greater health literacy during the medical visit.

In legal contexts, I studied how claimants in small claims court argue their case, and I collaborated on two papers on jurors' conduct during deliberation.

I am collaborating on a study of the basic interactional competence that non-native speakers rely on when interacting with native speakers.