Math 220: Linear Algebra (8375)

Spring 2014

Instructor: Prof. Antun Milas

Office: Earth Sciences 123A

Contact phone: 442-4608

Email :


Office hours: MWF: 8:25-9:20 AM, or by appointment.

Text: Linear Algebra and its Applications, by David C. Lay, 4rd Edition, Wiley & Sons. You do not need to bring it with you to class each day.

Material covered: We will cover the following sections of the text:

Chapter 1: Linear Equations (1.1-1.9)
Chapter 2: Matrix Algebra (2.1-2.3,2.8-2.9)
Chapter 3: Determinants (3.1-3.3)
Chapter 4: Vector Spaces (4.1-4.7)
Chapter 5: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (5.1-5.4,5.7)
Chapter 6: Orthogonality (6.1-6.4)
Chapter 7: Symmetric matrices and quadratic forms (7.1,7.4)
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Attendance: You are expected to attend class on time everyday . I reserve the right to lower your course grade for absences.

Examinations: There will be two one-hour exams and the final:

Exam 1 (March 10)
Exam 2 (April 11)

All students are expected to take the examinations at the announced time. There is no reason to miss an exam other than getting sick (bring note from doctor), being on a team that has a game at the same time an exam is given (bring a note from your coach), or a death or serious illness in your family. In the event you can not attend an exam, you need to notify me IN ADVANCE . You can call me, e-mail me (preferred!) or leave a message with the secretaries.

Homework: You are strongly encouraged to work the assigned problems! Daily homework problems will be assigned on each section of material covered in class. Homework will be collected and graded! If you want to attach your whole problem set together, use a paperclip or staple. Your homework should be neat and legible.

Quizzes: There will be 10 or 11 quizzes. Questions on quizzes will be similar (or even identical!) to problems found in the homework sets. You will be able to drop the lowest quiz (missed quiz counts as zero).

Grade breakdown: Final exam (25%), Exam 1 and 2 (22.5% each), Quizzes + homeworks (25%), Attendence and in-class participation (5%).

Use of electronic devices: The use of cell phones is prohibited in class. Ringtones must be turned off in class and, if on, cell phones must be in vibrate mode. If there is a need to check for and/or receive a call, the student must inform me in advance to excuse him/herself to take an important call. Students must not engage in text messaging in the classroom. Students who create disturbance with ringing cell phones or text messaging, will be asked to leave the class session. Also, I do not allow laptops, tablet devices (iPads, etc.), music players, or any other electronic devices I deem potentially distracting in class.