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NOTES are brief essays concerning various topics in Introductory Sociology and are meant to be read in conjunction with that course at SUNY-Albany,  with A. C. Higgins.

Students who participate in NOTES are presented an idea, a “topic” associated with the lectures in Soc 325 and are expected to write a brief reply/response to the topic. Participating students are presented with a form to use to make their replies to each topic.

Students have one week, Sunday to Sunday, in which to read and write their replies.

The note # will become an active link during that week.

Replies which are on-topic, appropriate, and carefully drawn are scored with credits accumulating through the course, 3 points per week. By semester’s end, participants can have earned as much as 42 EXTRA-CREDIT points. These bonus points are added to the total scores achieved during the semester on exams. These bonus points can be very important in determining one’s final grade. Participants should note that responses not submitted during the one-week time frame earn no credit; either do them during the week available or lose the points! In completing the form and submitting a reply, students can assume they have earned the three (3) points.

Replies are to be made ONLY in the format available here. You may not submit alternative replies via e-mail or hard copy. Students must read and use the html supplied notes file and its response form only.

Care is to be taken in identifying yourself on each response. You Must supply your NetID or There is zero credit.

Students have one week, Sunday to Sunday, in which to read and write their replies.

Week #1 = Note #1 : Itwill be available after 2:00PM on Sunday,   8 February 2004

Each follow note# will be available on the next Sunday.

Notes 1 Week #1
Notes 2 Week #2
Notes 3 Week #3
Notes 4 Week #4
Notes 5 Week #5
Notes 6 Week #6
Notes 7 Week #7
Notes 8 Week #8
Notes 9 Week #9
Notes 10 Week #10
Notes 11 Week #11
Notes 12 Week #12
Notes 13 Week #13
Notes 14 Week #14