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Native Plants of the Adirondacks

The Adirondack Park contains hundereds of species of terrestrial and aquatic plants. In recent years, the number of invasive species such as the watermillfoil and zebra mussels has grown rapidly in the park.These invasive species threaten the survival of native plants and animals. A number of programs, such as the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program , have been put in place to reduce the threat of invasive species. Below is a list of some of the plant life that is native to the park according the Adirondack Park Agency's Native Plant List. Click on the name of the plant species to get more information about the plant from the United States Department of Agriculture's Plant Database.

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Deciduous Tall Trees

Deciduous Small Trees

Deciduous Shrubs

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Shrubs

Perennials Herbaceous




Text Source: New York State Adirondack Park Agency, Native Plant List for the Adirondack Park. http://www.apa.state.ny.us/Research/ADK_Native_Plant_List.htm

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