GIS Internship Opportunities

Finding a GIS Internship

If you are considering doing a GIS internship, please send me an email ( with your resume attached. In the email, please tell me which GIS-related courses you have taken. You must at least have taken GOG 496/596 at UAlbany or an equivalent course (that used ArcGIS as a teaching tool) elsewhere. I will hold your resume and send it out to the agency that best matches your qualifications. I get internship opportunity notices form our internship partners all through the year—keep checking your email. Some internships are paid, others are not. I would advise you to follow your interests rather than the cash if you can—several of our unpaid internship agencies (especially the Office of the NYS Attorney General) have led to very good opportunities for our graduates.

Internships at New York State Agencies

Starting in 2012, the New New York Leaders Internship Program (yes, 2 news in a row) was initiated to organize internship opportunities at New York State Agencies. To qualify for an internship with a New York state agency, you must now go to their website and fill out a short application:

Filling out the application does not guarantee an internship at an agency. However, agencies are only allowed to take on interns who have registered on this site. So, if you are considering an internship of any kind, it is worth your time to sign up on this list. Even if you have sent me your resume, you cannot be selected for an internship at a state agency unless you are on the list.