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UAlbany Graduate Showcases Biology through Artwork

Sarah Haze is not your typical biology major. The Valatie, N.Y. native transforms what’s under the microscope into a work of art.

Upon graduating summa cum laude on May 19, Haze's Art Biologic  will be on display at the Limner Gallery.

UAlbany graduate student Sarah Haze
UAlbany student Sarah Haze, a biology major, will graduate summa cum laude on Sunday, May 19, as part of the University's 169th Commencement ceremonies.

"Growing up, my family had a lot of pets," she said. "Not just normal family pets like cats and dogs, but different types of lizards, noisy birds, and hamsters."

They also had a 16-foot Boa constrictor. "I think growing up surrounded by different animals gave me an appreciation for how interesting they are and the biology behind them."

She is also a champion of a liberal arts education. While at UAlbany, Haze was able to study photography along with her biology classes. She believes this gave her an opportunity to test out some of her concepts on classmates.

"I think humans tend to assume we are the superior beings, but studying the complex structures built by biological systems like plants is very humbling." She decided to produce art using photography from her microscope images. Haze felt her artwork might interest those who are often intimidated by science.

Haze's work has been exhibited at: the 2013 Mohawk Hudson Regional Invitational at the Albany Center Gallery; 2012 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region at the University Art Museum; Sculpture on Display at the Spectrum 8 Theater; and Best of SUNY 2009 at the Albany International Airport, among other venues.

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