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Strategic Plan Implementation

“Year Two” of Strategic Plan Implementation Shows Continued Progress

The implementation of a revised General Education program and the development and launch of a new Writing and Critical Inquiry program are among the accomplishments of faculty and staff during “Year Two” of the implementation of the University at Albany Strategic Plan.

In issuing a report of “Year Two” accomplishments, UAlbany Provost Susan Phillips, chair of the Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee, said faculty and staff had continued the pace of progress set during the first year of implementation in 2011-12.

“Many thanks to the faculty and staff who have been working to turn the strategic goals into programs and initiatives that bring our goals to our day-to-day activities,” said Phillips.

A Biennium Report of Progress toward our Strategic Goals summarizes all the gains to date.

“These accomplishments provide a fitting opportunity to reflect on the progress achieved and to consider the path ahead. The report also provides important information as President Jones works with the campus to shape the next steps for our University,” said Phillips.

Additional information about the Strategic Plan and implementation updates are available on the UAlbany Strategic Planning Process website.

Below is a summary of “Year Two” highlights provided by Provost Phillips:

Undergraduate Education

  • Implemented revised General Education program
  • Developed and now implementing a new Writing and Critical Inquiry program
  • Reviewed degree requirements for all majors to identify capstone-like experiences that are required across the campus
  • Broadened “Advising PLUS” to include support for international students, a website listing campus-wide opportunities for academic support, use by faculty and students, with academic support in a variety of formats
  • Created peer educator class sequence; piloted with 10 different academic and academic support departments across campus 
  • Developing new “Engaged Learning” unit to coordinate and expand opportunities for undergraduates to participate in co-curricular activities (such as service learning, internships, coops, research, and so on) that provide career-enhancing exploration and experience
  • Created Honors College Ambassadors program to engage new students

Faculty and Instructional Development

  • Developed standards and recognition strategies for teaching excellence
  • Enhanced the consideration of a variety of faculty career paths
  • Developed tools for the engagement of part-time faculty
  • Developed tools for faculty and staff orientation
  • Developed faculty mentoring resources

The Student Experience

  • Enhanced resources for advising, with “major videos,” work with departments, course availability models, and an early warning system
  • Created and piloted PALs, ­ a Faculty/Staff-to-student mentoring program
  • Expanded and improved the “first year experience”-- Living-Learning Communities, Freshman Seminars, and Transfer Seminars which incorporate first year transition issues.  These, along with our new Writing and Critical Inquiry classes, are targeted to provide all incoming freshmen with a small class environment in the fall of their first year at UAlbany
  • Established new and renewed traditions -- Food for Thought, Torch Night, “Food for Finals”
  • Interviewed department chairs and undergraduate directors about international components of undergraduate study in their units, and identified supports and barriers to studying abroad

Graduate Education

  • Improved doctoral program evaluation infrastructure
  • Expanded support infrastructure for graduate students


  • Working to enhance undergraduate engagement with the research enterprise
  • Developed enhanced research mentoring for faculty
  • Creating pre-tenure leave program dedicated to enhancing time for faculty research


  • Expanded technical features and infrastructure support for Blackboard
  • Added 3 new outdoor recreation fields dedicated exclusively to our intramural and club sports programs
  • On track for two LEED Gold certifications (Liberty Terrace and new School of Business Building) 

Alumni and Community Engagement and Access for Non-Traditional Students

  • Achieved designation on the 2013 President¹s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
  • Held campus forums on public engagement across areas of scholarship, teaching, service
  • Completing market analysis for the Professional, Adult, and Continuing Education initiative
  • Completed analysis, plan, and campus forums for growing online teaching and learning