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Year in Review

College of Computing and Information


  • Medical RecordsMining Medical Records to Improve Health Care
    A patient’s medical record typically contains a vast amount of information, some standardized for use in computer information systems, but much written unstructured in free text. How best to mine the text and make it readily accessible is the challenge being addressed by Özlem Uzuner of the Department of Information Studies.
  • University at Albany computer scientist Siwei LyuDigital Image Forensic Specialist Uncovers Fake Photos
    A University at Albany research team is developing a computer game to train people to recognize cognitive biases they routinely use when confronted with incomplete information or operating under time pressure.


  • Hemalata  IyerIyer Elected to International Society for Knowledge Organization Board
    Associate Professor Hemalata Iyer of the Department of Information Studies was elected to the Executive Board of the International Society for Knowledge Organization. ISKO is a leading international society whose mission is to advance conceptual work in knowledge organization in all forms, for all kinds of purposes.

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