Creative Writing

Local Zines and Journals

The University at Albany community and the Albany area in general boast several journals that accept creative writing submissions. Below is just a sampling of journals based in the Albany area. However, the internet is a great resource that has opened up the creative writing conversation world-wide.

For a great list of zines and journals from other areas of the United States (and other countries), is a valuable resource.

Other: is published by Albany Poets, one of Albany ’ s best and most active poetry organizations. Though the name implies that the magazine is looking for poetry, they also take fiction, comic and image submissions. They are continually accepting first-run submissions, both in e-mail and through standard mail. You can find more information at

Spell For Rain
One of UAlbany’s own literary magazines, and one of the most acceptable for writers who are just starting out. Spell For Rain accepts all kinds of creativity- prose, poetry, images and even music for their yearly publication of the same name. They also meet every Friday at 2 p.m. in the Writing Center (Humanities 140) and host regular events, so it is easy to get involved. Some publication can be found at, but stopping by one of their weekly meetings will help you meet a bunch of like-minded UAlbany students.

transcending silence …
Transcending silence … is a UAlbany-based e-journal sponsored by the Women ’ s Studies department. It is developed, created and edited by UAlbany students, so it offers a taste of the peer-editing experience that writers will become familiar with later on. Because of the e-journal ’ s format, they are able to accept many kinds of submissions: fiction, poetry, essays, music, visual art and mixed medias. Since the Women ’ s Studies department publishes the e-journal all work must have some relation to the general female experience. The e-journal is published yearly during the spring semester, and the submission deadline is January 30, 2009. Consult the transcending silence … website at for submission guidelines and other material.

13 th Moon
13 th Moon is another Ualbany-based, Women’s Studies-oriented literary magazine. The magazine draws from a competitive national (and often international) pool of writers. They are currently accepting “ offerings ” for future issues of the magazine. Poetry, fiction, and photography are accepted. Each issue has a different theme, so checking frequently is a good idea.

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